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First Real Mutual Masturbation

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Rawr, Meow!


Last night constitutes as my first time of full mutual masturbation where both parties get off (and get off GOOD).

I've been with my boyfriend for two years and five months now, since he was a junior and I was a sophomore in high school, and we've never had each other to orgasm, masturbating one another at the same time. Since even before we became 'official', we had already commenced sexual activities. So basically we've done most things by now, and funny as it seems, we still hadn't got each other off mutually masturbating until last night.

I had had a long eight hours at work, on my feet all day, and then a few more hours of Salsa dancing just for fun. When we got back to my boyfriend's house, we jumped in the shower and relaxed together in the warm spray.

My legs were becoming too tired, so I sat down in the shower (the square stand up type, not with the tub) and let the water pour around me. He followed, and sat across from me and impulsively, we just started to kiss and touch each other.

He cupped and massaged my small breasts and lightly tugged on the nipple, which always gets me going. I answered by gently massaging his balls in one hand and slowly stroking his hardened cock with the other.

I imagined he'd want me to stand up so he could have me from that position, but instead, he inserted his fingers into me and played with my clit. I was getting so excited, I couldn't help but kiss him harder and stroke his shaft faster. He started to work his fingers in and around my hot pussy. Naturally, my hips started to buck forward into his hand to grind harder.

At this point I was putting in some variations by rubbing the tip of his cock and pumping my fist up and down at the same time. He really really liked that. I would frequently look up at him and he'd smile and we'd kiss and breathe hard into each other and keep working our hands good. This lasted a good while, neither of us wanted it to end!

Out of nowhere he pushed his fingers in at the right spot and I automatically screamed out in pleasure. I had to regain my composure after a few seconds and at that point I really wanted to see him cum.

I worked his cock good with my hands and he kept going on my clit until I came again! I was overcome wtih a ringing in my ears and just when I thought I was coming down from my high, he brought me once more to come all over his hand, and he too shot his load in huge spurts onto his chest and my hand!

We both started smiling and laughing in a bout of pleasurable exhaustion. He said he also had a ringing in his ears, it was that good.

So we cleaned up and snuggled on the couch together and watched the movie.

PS: I've frequented Solo Touch for quite a while now. This is my first story posted.



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