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First One

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My first mutual masturbation experience occurred when I was 15 years old. My bedroom was in the basement of our house. I didn't know that my sister's friend was looking in through the curtains, watching me jerk off. After I was finished, I heard the door bell ring. No one was home. I answered the door and there was Amber. I told her that my sister wasn't home. Amber asked if she could come in anyways. I shrugged my shoulders and let her in.
She asked me what I was doing at home all alone. I said, 'Nothing.' She giggled as she plopped down in the chair. I still had no clue. Amber, like my sister, was a year older than me. I always thought she was cute, in a very petite sort of way. But, the two of them had teased the hell out of me so many times in the past that I usually avoided them as much as possible. I saw the look on Amber's face and figured she was in her usual teasing mood. I was only half-right.
'Danny, you got a girlfriend, yet?' she asked. I mumbled, 'No,' as I walked away from her. She giggled, again. 'That must be why you're so horny. Huh?' she added. My head snapped around. I'd never heard her speak like that, before. She saw the look on my face and laughed out loud. She got out of the chair and walked up to me. 'I saw you, you know.' My eyes were opened wide as I suddenly realised what she was talking about. Then, her expression changed to something less than mocking and more like conspiracy. In a quiet voice, she said, 'I never saw a guy do that before. If you do it for me, now, I promise not to tell anyone.'
All kinds of thoughts were going through my mind all at once. I replayed her words in my head as if to make sure I heard them right. As I came to a full realisation of what she was asking me, a smile grew across my face. At the same time, my cock began to grow in my cutoffs. Amber's eyebrows were raised as if she was waiting for an answer. When she saw me smiling, she took my hand and led me to my bedroom in the basement. She sat down on my unmade bed and took a deep breath. Her gaze was on my crotch; mine was on her body.
Amber was no more than 5'3', and likely not an ounce over 100 lbs. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. She wore a white shirt tied at the waist over jeans that I now noticed were very tight around her small butt and slender legs. She leaned back on her hands and crossed her legs. In that position, I could see the shape of her very small tits.
I stood a couple feet in front of her; my cock was now an obvious bulge. I couldn't wait to do something but I didn't know what to do or how to start. 'Well?' she asked. Then, I had an idea. I said, 'If you do it with me, I promise not to tell that you are a peeping tom.' I thought her smirk was her way of telling me no way. But, without a word, she simply began to untie her shirt. As she continued by unbuttoning it top to bottom, I stepped closer to her. She was sitting straight up, now, and eye level with my crotch. She was staring at it, almost lost in her gaze. Her movements slowed as her she shrugged her shirt off. It fell behind her onto the bed.
I unfastened the top of my cutoffs and then stopped. I was mesmerized by the sight of her tiny, bra-covered tits, flat stomach, and small, girlish shoulders. My eyes moved up along the long line of her delicate neck. I resumed by pulling on my zipper and slowly drawing it down. Then, I stopped again. Amber was motionless. I shifted my stance and let my cutoffs drop to the floor. My hard on was much more prominent as it pushed my briefs out. By the time my t-shirt was up and over my head, I saw Amber's bra straps sliding down her shoulders. In one motion, she freed her arms, unsnapped it, and it was off. I felt my cock pulse from my first sight of her little tits.
I continued to just stand there as Amber began to remove her jeans. When she bent forward to get them off her ankles, her head bumped right into my dick causing the head of it to pop up above the elastic band of my briefs. Amber let herself fall back onto the bed, now only in her little white panties. I watched her as her gaze went back to my cock.
I couldn't wait any longer. I shucked off my briefs and stood in front her expectantly. Amber giggled but said nothing. When I saw her hands reach for her own breasts and then slide down her stomach, my own hands involuntarily wrapped around my cock and balls in their familiar way. And, when I saw Amber's hands reach down and caress her panty-covered pussy, I felt a pulse of pre-cum form at the tip of my cock. My right hand caught the droop of pre-cum and as soon as I felt the slippery sensation of it, I automatically started to stroke.
Meanwhile, Amber's hands pressed more firmly into her panties. I could see them form into the crack of her pussy and a wet spot was obvious. In no time, we were both much more seriously rubbing ourselves. Amber reached one of her hands underneath her panties while the other alternated between her nipples and between her legs. I was so hot I didn't realise how close I was to cumming. Suddenly, an arc of sperm shot out of my cock and went all the way up to her neck! Amber immediately squeezed her legs together, arched her back, and grunted. My second shot went almost as far, splashing onto her chest. Amber grunted again, clearly in the throes of her own orgasm. I groaned as my next shots fell down onto her stomach with more droplets spraying onto her arm and even onto her panties. My legs weakened and I went into a controlled collapse onto the bed, beside her.
Both of us were breathing hard. I was otherwise motionless while I sensed Amber's movements. She was coming down from one peak and on her way up to another peak. I could smell our sex and I was still wicked horny. I shifted so that I could see her better. My face was inches from her tit. Without really thinking about it, I leaned forward to lick her pointy nipple. As soon as my tongue touched her, she moaned and her body shook even more than before. But, when I realised I tasted my own cum that had landed on her chest, I pulled back.
At that, Amber rolled over, her back now facing me. Barely audible whimpers continued to escape from her. After a few long moments, our bodies had relaxed. Amber got up first and went to the bathroom. I rolled over and covered my self with the bed covers. When she came back I could tell she had cleaned herself off. I watched her put her clothes back on. She barely looked my way until just before she left, saying, 'Thanks! I needed that!' I heard her giggle as she let herself out. I jerked off two more times reliving the experience over and over again. Then, I fell asleep.
Amber and I traded knowing glances with each other over the next week until we had another chance to be alone again. I finally got to see her pussy ... up close.



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