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First Memory

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Memories of my first experience in self satisfaction. Or maybe I should say, mutual satisfaction?


I found this site several months ago and have enjoyed reading the stories posted. I am probably older than most of you posting but think I can relate with sharing some of my experiences over the years as a masturbator.

As my memory is not as sharp as it once was, I cannot give an exact age at which I started the self gratification of ones person. I do know that friends would talk about choking their monkey and I was clueless as to what the term referred to. I would pick up bits and pieces over the course of the summer.

My first experience came late one August day. I had been bored so I was out checking the normal places my friends would normally be. Just a few blocks from my home was a construction site of what was to become the new freeway cutting through the neighborhood. Several bridges had been under construction and when no work was going on we would turn the area into our battle field and have wrist rocket wars.

Well to cut to the reason I am writing this, I discovered two of my friends under one of the bridge sites literally with their pants down. As I approached they stopped in the middle of what they were doing and tried to hide the fact that they were choking their monkeys. I should say they were choking each others Monkey. I was extremely interested in this new past time and asked if I could watch.

They reluctantly agreed only if I were to drop my pants and join in. That way, no one could go back to our other friends and say, Hey, I just saw Mikey choking John's monkey and John returning the favor! Well being the curious person I am, I quickly agreed. I was rock hard and ready to go. We all had about the same size Monkey so there were not many questions as in that regards. Me being the novice asked to start out watching and then join in once I was ready. They agreed and started to work on each other. I just watched and would try and stroke my penis while Mikey played with the shaft of John's penis with one hand and squeezed his nut sack with the other.

Slow steady strokes up and down his shaft. Pre-cum was starting to show on the head of John's penis and he took some of this in one of his hands and started to rub it on the head of Mikey's penis. Mikey's penis was a deep purple and started to throb as John rub the tip. He slowly stroked his hand up and down Mikey's shaft five or six times and then he sighed. I looked and noticed his penis was now throbbing purple also and more pre-cum was glistening on the tip. Mikeys strokes increased and they both increased their rhythm.

John was the first to let out a deep guttural sound stating that he was Cuuummmmmiinnnng! and with that shot several long ropes of the creamy nectar I would learn later was called semen. Well, John was spent and Mikey was still throbbing purple. I took hold of his weenie and started to gently stoke it up and down. I was not getting the rhythm right so Mikey started to guide my hand. I started to catch on and removed his hand to my penis and he worked his magic slowly up and down my shaft. I increased my stroking of Mikey's penis and he increased the speed he was stroking me. All of a sudden I felt the most wonderful sensation low in my ball sack reaching inwards toward my anus. Seconds later we blew our loads in unison! I saw three huge ropes of semen leap from the tip on my penis and splatter across my stomach. Mikey let loose of his love juice with several ropes of his own! Oh my what was this wonderful sensation?!

We cleaned ourselves up the best we could and then double pinky swore we would not say a word to anyone else.

As we walked back towards our neighborhood, I knew then that I was hooked for life! This was the most enjoyable thing I had ever done in my young life. I wondered why it had taken me so long to discover it?!

That was my first experience. I have many memories I could share of singular satisfaction and even a few times when we had circle jerk parties I remember fondly. Maybe I shall return with more of these.



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