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First Look at Breasts

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When I was about 10 years old, I learned to masturbate from my friend, Bobby. We built a fort with secret rooms in his basement, and there we stashed magazines, vaseline, and all our other supplies. I'd never seen a naked woman in the flesh (my mom was very shy), but I devoured pictures, especially of breasts, in our magazines.
I could come and go into the basement without going through the house, and one day I got there early from school, and was hanging out waiting for Bobby. I heard someone come downstairs, and peeked out our spy hole. It was Bobby's mom, and I knew she was headed for the washing machine, because she had clothes in her arms.
I watched her go over to the machine. She seemed in a big hurry, and was tossing things around between the washer and dryer. She pulled a lacy black bra out of the dryer, and also some black panties, and set them aside. She tossed dirty clothes into the washer, and added soap.
Then, while I watched from my secret room, she quickly unbuttoned her blouse, tossed it in, unclasped her white cotton bra and tossed that in, too. Her back was turned, but I was turned on anyway.
Then she turned sideways, and I had a full view of her breasts. I remember how white they were, and how big her nipples were, and how they jiggled. Then she slipped on the lacy bra, which was quite small and pushed her breasts up. She grabbed a cotton pull-over from the laundry and pulled it over herself. The last I remember seeing was her big round red nipples peaking over the bra.
I got a big hard on as soon as she left, and started jacking off. I'm sure it was a great jerking climax. I never told Bobby what I'd seen, I was a bit shy about it. But that couldn't stop the memories. And I could hear her above me walking back and forth in her bedroom. I imagined her dressing.
I was about to cum again, remembering those white breasts of his mother, when I heard Bobby coming. I climaxed again almost immediately and quickly pulled up my pants.
We talked and played for a while, and then Bobby wanted to jerk off together (as we usually did). He handed me a magazine, but....I wasn't interested in looking at pictures--now I had my own!
Bobby said that his folks were going out early that night, and I was invited for an early dinner. Bobby was feeling horny too, and after they left, we went to his room and jacked off together for the rest of the evening.
My memories of Bobby's mother's white round breasts fueled many orgasms over the next months and years. And if I ever fogot, I never saw Bobby's mom without imagininging what I now knew jiggled warmly just under her blouse.



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