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First Glove

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I had been somewhat interested in gloves from when a young age and had always wanted to 'try' them but whenever I got my hands on them, I wasn't really sure what to do.

It wasn't until I learnt about sex ed in school and from older friends (mostly about masturbation from them) and with that I more or less figured out what to do from there on.

One of the lessons at school in class we would deal with rather messy and at times rather sticky glue (i.e. super glue and other variants) so more often than not we would use rubber gloves, so as that there weren't any accidents with glue and a few of the materials that we used tend to stain your hands a bit with prolonged use.

Usually a box of rubber gloves were brought in, they were like the store bought ones, each in individual packaging, I guess the store was able to buy in bulk or something. I never really wondered about who bought them or whatever.

There were different brands and I tried to get the good ones as they apparently didn't ruin as quickly but I was never really quick enough, so I would often go through two or three pairs during the lesson.

During the last week of school most of the time we tend to just resort to these activites as we've finished all the material up to that point and no point starting it before holidays as it would have to be gone over again when we got back, so the last week of school we were usually at a reduced amount of students.

At this stage I was able to get the good gloves. I noticed they felt better and at random times I would just brush my leg or scratch an imaginary itch. Then I began thinking a bit more and my heart suddenly skipped a bit and my pulse raced at the thought that I'd touch myself with them.

During this lesson the teacher moved people over to other desks as to fill them out a bit more to share the material and at my table, my crush sat across from me which made me get excited even more, I was pretty close to blushing too.

At this point I was going to make my plan of attack to go to the toilet and 'rub it out' as one of my friends referred to. The gloves were far too dirty to do so, so I got up and got a new pair and put them on and was 'planning what to do' with moving stuff around and whatnot but really I wasn't.

I was going to ask to go to the toilet but the teacher hated us asking if it was within the hour after lunch finished, as it was usually met with 'Why didn't you go during lunch?' So I waited. I figured about 15 minutes after that magic hour mark had passed I was gunna ask to go.

Time zoomed when it got to that hour mark but it felt like an eternity now that I was waiting that 15 mins. Close to that 15 mins someone asked to go to the toilet and the teacher rarely let anyone else go, fortunately they were only gone like two minutes so I decided to wait another five minutes.

At this point I was just building with anticipation, kinda getting hard then not.

I finally decided to ask to go to the toilet, my mouth was dry, it was like I was going to ask a girl out or something but when I was did, all I was met with was a 'yeah sure, don't be too long'.

I quickly dashed off, so as to think I was in a hurry. Now I didn't have that much time, 10 minutes was about the maximum you could be gone, as the toilets were just down the hallway and around the corner, any longer someone would be sent down to ask what I was doing or just hurry up. When I got to the bathroom I realised I still had my gloves on my hands in my haste, as I had planned to stuff them in my pockets but whatever.

I turned on the timer on my watch so that when it reached 10 mins I would leave. I went to the cubicle on the end next to the wall, so that if anyone came in, it would only be one possible side to be on if they were to use it.

I pulled down my pants and underwear and my penis sprang up and became hard fairly quickly. I sat on the toilet seat with the top down. I lifted up my shirt so that I could put it over my head, behind my neck.

My right hand moved to my cock almost instinctively and the moment before there was anticipation, then exctasy when I finally touched. It felt so good! I loved the rubbery glove. I smelt my other gloved hand and for some reason I loved that smell. I had both hands now on my crotch, the left rubbing the balls. I was in heaven. For a few minutes I just rubbed all over my cock and balls, I could smell the glove scent.

I then realised I had been in the toilet a little while.

'5:00' the watch had. I still had 5 more minutes of gloved bliss. I was becoming rather hot and more aroused the more I was rubbing, or rather now masturbating. I stood up and took a wide stance, or at least as much as the cubicle allowed and really gave myself a good grab as such.

I looked at the time again and it was 8 minutes, so I decided to finish up, until I realised that I was pretty close to coming. I hadn't actually cum before, at least from what I know. So I kept going, pushing further to the edge.

I was constantly glancing at my watch, seeing how much time I had left. I remember this pretty well, when it hit nine minutes 50 seconds dead on, I had this overwhelming feeling rush over me..........then I came. It wasn't much but that quick spurt ended up on the back of the cubicle door. I quickly pulled up my pants, took off my gloves and stuffed them in my pockets and went to the sink to wash my hands, as if I had been to the toilet, forgetting the fact that I flushed the toilet but no one had come in during that time and when I was leaving the toilets, no one was entering either so it didn't matter.

I returned to my seat like I had returned from the seat as normal, though feeling a bit flustered but fortunately no one noticed. I put my gloves back on and went about my own business.

At the end of the day I knew I had to take some gloves home to indulge more but I wasn't sure how I'd do it. In the end, there was only a handful amount left and the teacher asked those who had yet to leave for the day, if they wanted to take some home for their parents as they would be otherwise thrown out over the holidays. I took about 10 pairs home and they were all Ansell brand, all different colours but they all were pretty awesome in the end. The brand that I've come to love best.

I'll probably tell more stories at a later date, as I enjoyed doing this, like telling my own secret to a secret group that do the same thing, heh.



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