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First Female Orgasm

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I used to see my sisters touching themselves and heard noises from their room but didn't really know what was going on. My first encounter with the female orgasm happened one night with a beautiful six foot blonde who had large firm breasts and full sexy lips. She had flirted with me through High School but dated a friend, so was out of bounds.

We both got hired at the same pool as Lifeguards and she would tease me mercilessly in her swim suit. She asked me sex questions and rubbed against me. She asked me if I would like to see her naked. She asked me exactly what I would do with her if she were naked on a bed. I fed her libido with raunchy answers and jerked off to supress my dick, in my swim suit.

On this night we went out with the staff, and I ended up dancing with her, then giving her a ride home. We stopped to neck for a while (to heck with my buddy, enough is enough) and she took my hand, putting it under her top and asked my to pinch and roll her nipples. I did as requested and she started to moan. She said her family was away and to drive her home. We went inside and got back to necking, on the living room floor. We both had on t-shirts and cut-offs and as she was on top, I could feel some hot liquid running down onto my thigh. I pushed my thigh up between her legs, and against her burning hot crotch, I felt a rush of fluid run down my leg as she moaned and ground back against my now, sopping leg.

She said we should go downstairs to a bed in the rec room where she liked to 'get off', and that we could get naked. I said no, we would stay right there. I stuck my tongue back down her throat and started to move my thigh firmly up and down against the crotch of her soaked cutoffs, at first she pushed back, then, shaking as she spoke, she said stop it was getting too sensitive. I asked her what was too sensitive? She said my 'kitty'. I went back to work a little more gently and after a few more minutes of intensifying breathing and occasional little spasms, she rolled off me. I said what's wrong? She didn't answer.

She unzipped her shorts and pushed them down and off, along with her saturated panties. She yanked off her top, exposing beautiful 38C's with bullets for nipples and thrust both hands into her dripping blonde and very swollen 'kitty'. She pulled her long inner lips out and out, they were very long and very red. She stuck two fingers into her hole and pulled them out and sucked off the juice. She shoved them back in and spread more juice over her pussy. She pushed my face with her slippery hands down to her pussy and started to slowly slide her fingers in and out of herself pausing occasionally to lick them. She had me suck on them once or twice but as she got deeper into herself she started to jam fingers from both hands in and out.

Her clit,(the first I had seen upclose on an adult and swollen) was huge and bobbing up and down and in and out from under her hood as she pounded herself with both hands. She had three fingers from each hand hammering in and out as she started to cry. Her juice was everywhere, her hips were thrusting up and down and my face was inches from her pussy. She started to scream, she pulled out her hands and cum shot out hitting my face. The taste and smell were incredible. She put her hands back to her pussy and put several fingers back in and resumed her thrusting. The noises, smells and sensations caused me to come twice in my shorts and I didn't touch myself once. She came again and again.

After several orgasms she passed out. She told me later that she had 'little deaths' or 'petit morts' when she came. She said this had been one of the best orgasms of her life and she had never squirted so much come. I took her upstairs to her room and helped her get into her nighty (she was very weak). She asked me if I had come. I unzipped and showed her my mess. She gently grabbed my semi-soft penis and started to slide her hand up and down my shaft using my cum as lube as I sat beside her on her bed. She said she was sorry we hadn't had sex. I said I didn't want to yet, but I was really enjoying what she had done and what she was doing.

She pulled up her nighty and asked me to play with her clit as she was starting to feel better. She said she had come from inside and her clit was aching and wanting it's release. I slid her juices up and down and around her lips and she slowly stroked me. She instructed me to squeeze her lips around her clit and pull on it like she was doing to me. She said her brothers had taught her to do that and she liked it when a boy stroked her like a boy. I later found through experience that her clit was larger than normal. As I got closer to my third orgasm of the night she started to moan and asked me to slide my finger under her hood and rub her clit directly. She said to switch hands and stick my hand inside her.

She had me twist my fist back and forth over the ridge that protruded from the roof of her pussy while I pulled her hood back as far as I could with my first and third finger and rubbed her huge clit with my second. My cock started to swell to what felt like the second biggest cum of my life, as she started to convulse and spasm on my hand. She squirted again and cream gushed out of her vagina all over my wrist just below the clearish fluid. My cum shot across her breasts, her face and even onto her lips as she passed out again. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke again. The feeling came back as I came again and sprayed my cum onto her breasts. I held her until she came to, she cried telling me she loved me and that she had wanted to do this with me for all our years in High School. She kissed me deeply. I said goodnight and let myself out.

I can still see her with both hands in her pussy gushing out juice as she came. I can also see her with an angelic afterglow from her 'petit morts' and my cum on her face. I have had many of my best orgasms to Sue. Often when no material is available the only thing that works is the image of her squirting as her fingers slam in and out of her beautiful kitty.

We fooled around like that for the next year or so but I soon found out she was taking young boys home from the pool to educate them and I stopped seeing her, except when I needed her.



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