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First Explorations

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This happened maybe 33 years ago but I remember it well. Read the first story to understand what lead to my first night with Jimmy


I had my first orgasms climbing a rope in gym class in seventh grade. I really didn't know what they were, I only knew it felt really great. I am thankful that they were dry orgasms. If it happened after I became as developed as many of my classmates, it would have made a mess in my shorts and that would have been embarrassing. It was just a month or so into the school year and I was still getting over the shock of seeing many of our classmates in the shower at school with small patches of hair above their penises and though no penises were full grown, many seemed huge to me. I also figured out why my best friend Jimmy, a boy who was never shy about getting naked with me for a bath or changing into swim suits, suddenly would not undress with me sometime during the summer. I was jealous that he, even though 8 months younger than myself, already had a dozen or more pubic hairs starting to sprout.

For several days I brought up what happened on the rope with Jimmy. I didn't know how to explain it to him. We never had sex education and we were both pretty ignorant about sexual matters so we had no idea what I was trying to explain. All I could say was that I had an incredible feeling between my legs several times on the rope. I couldn't understand why he didn't feel it too. It was also hard to explain it because it involved private parts and we only saw each other in school and it was impossible to have a detailed conversation about that area at school. I invited Jimmy to sleep over at my house on Friday so I could talk to him about it.

In the meantime, I tried to simulate the feeling at home. I found a length of rope in the basement and tried rubbing it between my legs. It must have been too thin because I didn't get any feeling. I got the idea of finding something the same size and climbing it. There was a tree in the backyard and I tried climbing it but it wasn't very high and I hit branches just a few feet off the ground. I thought of just wrapping my legs around it and rubbing up and down but somehow I knew if I got caught I might get in trouble. The tree was in direct view of our very nosy and nasty neighbor lady that I knew would report anything funny going on to my mother. She was the source of many spankings administered by my mother for small infractions in the neighborhood. I tried several others things and finally found a stair railing post at the bottom of the basement stairs that was just the right size and I could experiment in privacy. I figured out it was too hard. I found a towel in the laundry and wrapped it around the post and then squeezed my legs while pulling myself up and down. My penis got hard and after about 5 minutes I had some feeling that was close to what I had on the rope in the gym. I just couldn't reach it to level I had before. I remembered I had on just a thin pair of gym shorts and jock strap compared to the jeans I had on. I took them off and tried the rubbing in just my briefs. It helped considerably but I still couldn't get the same sensation and after about 15 minutes my arms got tired and I gave up. I sat on the bottom step and started to gently rub my boner and balls in the palm of my hand. I found that it brought the same feeling, only it was much easier. I slipped my hand in my underwear and tried again. It got better. I knew I was on to something.

I had to try this more but it was too risky where I was. My mom might come look for me or come down in the basement for laundry or get food for dinner at any time. It was bad enough sitting there in my underwear before dinner. There was a pantry under the stairs. I grabbed my pants and the towel I was using and went there and closed the door behind me. Even if my mom came down for food I would hear her coming down the stairs and I had time to get dressed. It was actually a place where my friends and sister often played 'doctor' and other things when we were younger and almost got caught with our pants down several times but we always had time to pull up. This time I laid the towel on the floor, pushed my briefs off and laid down. I rubbed like I did before. I was surprised at how hard and long my boner got. It might have been 4 inches, I never really measured, but it wasn't as small as before. I could tell because it was actually longer than my middle finger. I remembered Jimmy and I compared the length of our hard penises to our fingers sometime during Christmas vacation and mine was smaller while his was the same length as our middle fingers. I was a little excited that maybe I was getting big like the other boys soon after all. I continued rubbing and massaging my balls. I soon realized my forearm was just about the same size as the gym rope. I reached down further and rubbed with my arm while squeezing it with my legs. In less than a minute I was pushing uncontrollably with my hips and that wonderful feeling returned. It burst into my life like I was flying in the fireworks on the fourth of July. After it was over I laid there and watched my boner twitching with my pounding heartbeat. A minute later I was at it again and orgasmed again. I did it a third time. I was alone in my little world of pleasure and forgot my mom was in the house and probably right above me in the kitchen. I let out a little high pitched scream the last time and I heard my mom call, faintly at first. She seemed to be calling from down the street. I didn't awaken to where I was until I heard her calling me as she was coming down the stairs. I realized she heard me and knew where I was. She would find me. I quickly pulled on my pants, trying to save time by not putting on my briefs, almost getting my now soft penis caught in the zipper. I wondered how it got soft so fast this time. I had just enough time to hide my briefs behind some canned goods when my mom opened the door. I'm sure she knew I was up to something bad and I looked guilty. She asked what I was doing in there. I made up something about taking a nap in there because it was too hot in my room and it was cool and quiet in the pantry. I had a bad dream and must have screamed. She gave me the look that said she didn't believe a word I said but didn't have real evidence to the contrary. I still wonder if she knew what I was really doing. I remember she told me to grab a can of Brussels sprouts and get upstairs. I hated Brussels sprouts and knew it was her way of punishing me for doing what she didn't know what it was.

The next day was Friday and Jimmy would sleep over. I told him I had something to show him but I didn't say much else. I knew that I couldn't describe it. As we walked to my house after school he knew I had something great because he kept asking me about it. I said it was like climbing the ropes in gym class. He started asking me about that, finally telling me that he noticed that I was acting really weird climbing that rope. I thought he was weird for not knowing what I felt. I got around to telling him it was a great feeling in my boner. I could tell he was embarrassed because he changed the subject right away. I tried to press it more but he just yelled at me. I decided to drop the issue until we got to my house.

Once we were home my mom was a pain that day. I guess it was my fault. Because of my experiments the previous days I had neglected my chores. My mom made Jimmy and me complete all my previous chores and even the Saturday chores including mowing the lawn. It was after dinner before we were finally done. My dad then told us why we had to work so hard and since we did everything he was going to reward us by taking us to see 'Blazing Saddles'. I was begging for months to see it and it was finally showing at the dollar theater in our small town. We didn't have much time though and my mom ordered us to take a bath before leaving, she even filled the tub for us and we were to get in while the water was hot.

I was getting a little embarrassed about that. Not for the nudity so much but because I knew most of the other boys, including Jimmy, took showers at home. Our bathroom was a old and didn't have a shower. It wasn't bad when we were little but I was a teenager by then. We were stuck with taking a bath. I could tell Jimmy wasn't happy about it either but it was a movie that we both hadn't seen yet. It was worse when she told us to get in together if we were to make it on time. Jimmy looked at me and said, 'Well, we already see each other in the school shower, just don't tell anyone else.'

I didn't have a hard time agreeing to that. We headed upstairs and quickly got undressed and were in the tub. Even though we washed our hair and the rest pretty quickly I took time to look at Jimmy's privates. I couldn't help being curious about those dozen or so short blond hairs, just starting to get curly, above his penis. I was also amazed at how far his limp penis hung below his balls, while my little 3 inch member still pointed straight out. His was longer soft than mine was hard! I also remember it interested me that after we washed each other's backs, I was almost embarrassed because I got a boner until I saw he had one too, but while mine just stuck straight out farther, his went from pointing down to pointing straight up, about 3/4 way to his belly button. We sat facing each other for about a minute. Jimmy took his boner between his fingers and started to tell me that his was sure getting big and it was embarrassing because it got hard in school all the time. I told him he was lucky since he already had hair there and I was still bald. I was about to start telling him about my discovery when my mother barged in the bathroom. (It also did not have a lock on the door) There we were with our hard penises in our fingers. She stood there with a towel in each hand and made us get out and start drying off in front of her. I began to wonder if 'Blazing Saddles' was worth the humiliation. She started yelling at us from my room to get in there so we could dress. We got there and she was pulling clothes from my drawers and Jimmy's gym bag and handing us our underwear and everything and watching us get dressed. I wouldn't have blamed Jimmy for never coming to my house again and I didn't invite him until Christmas vacation when his mom did the same thing.

The movie was either worth the humiliation or when you are 12-13 you get over stuff like that easier. By the time we climbed into my bed all we could think of was the movie. It was a warm night and since people never had air conditioning back then, we slept in our briefs and a sheet. It must have been at least an hour later when my dad stuck his head in the door and told us he and mom were going to bed and we had to get quiet. You never argued with my dad so we settled down and didn't talk for a while. I was thinking I wanted to tell Jimmy about my special feeling but my parents room was right next to mine and my dad could even hear whispers. I was dozing off when Jimmy poked me in the ribs with his elbow and woke me up. I could hear my parents snoring. They were asleep and we could talk quietly again.

Right away Jimmy told me how embarrassed he was that my mom saw him naked with a boner and he wondered if she noticed he had hair there. I apologized and he realized it wasn't my fault, mom's do that stuff. My mom never said anything about the boners or his hair. It was blond and especially when it was wet, it was hard to see unless you were close so we figured she didn't notice. I asked him what it felt like. We talked about it and the other boys that had even more hair and bigger penises and I didn't feel so bad when Jimmy pointed out some of the boys, even a couple older than me, were still way smaller than me. Jimmy noticed that at least my balls were getting big and hung down and I would soon get hair, which I did start to get just before Christmas. I turned the conversation to the feelings I got on the rope and told him what I did the day before under the stairs. I had him curious enough that when I told him he should try it he asked me to show him right away. I was happy. I thought he would try it at home or maybe we would wait till the morning and go under the stairs where we often did stuff when younger.

Still under the sheets, I pushed my briefs down and started to rub my already hard penis with my arm between my legs. Jimmy pulled the sheet over our heads to try and look at what I was doing. There wasn't much light but just barely enough to see. I didn't have to rub long. Several minutes later Jimmy put his hand on my arm right between my legs. I never said anything. I knew he was trying to feel what I was trying to describe to him. A minute later I was pushing my hips and shaking from head to toe. I was getting better at this game. When it was over Jimmy told me that it felt incredible. I wondered if he felt through my arm everything I did. I told him it was his turn.

He quickly pushed his briefs down and kicked them off. He squeezed his arm between his legs and rubbed like I did. It was several minutes later and he told me he didn't really feel anything. I told him to keep going, maybe it takes longer the first time. I put a hand over his arm between his legs like he did. I noticed he wasn't going fast enough and didn't have a good pace. I gripped his arm and told him to follow. I tried to get him to go faster and more smoothly. A few minutes later I could tell he was breathing faster. Maybe it was going to work for him too. It was still another couple minutes and he was starting to slow down. I told him to keep going but he said he was tired but it did feel good. I could tell he didn't have it yet and told him to keep going, that he was almost there. He slipped his arm out and pushed mine between his legs and held it there and he told me to do it for him. I started rubbing the way I did myself. We found several things he did wrong. I rubbed harder against his penis, I had to tell him to grip harder with his legs, and every few times I rubbed his balls with my hand. These were things we didn't notice before. It was just a couple minutes when Jimmy started breathing hard and his hips pushing hard into my hands. He was squeezing his legs so tight I could hardly keep moving my arm. I didn't notice it as much on myself before that but I felt Jimmy's boner start jerking against my arm. There were a few dry spasms and then I felt a hot liquid spurting between my arm and his penis and belly. I didn't know what it was, I thought he was peeing on my arm. I tried to get my arm out but he had a tight grip on it. He kept trying to push my arm back and forth with his hand to keep me going. I kept telling him to stop. There was about 3 or 4 squirts and a few more spasms before he started to calm down and he loosened his grip on me. I immediately threw the sheet off and sat up to inspect the damage. All I could think of was my mom finding a pee spot on my sheets. I was a bed wetter until I was 11 and my mom was so proud when I finally got over it. I didn't know how I would face her with that again and I sure wasn't going to tell her the truth about how it got there.

Upon closer inspection I realized that there wasn't enough to damage the sheets. Jimmy laid there oblivious to my problem just saying over and over how great it felt. I scooped the slim off my arm and rubbed it on his belly with the other slime. I had to shake Jimmy to get him to look. He looked a few seconds, felt it and I thought his eyes would pop out. I asked him what it was. It was obvious he didn't know. I followed him as he got up and ran to the window to get more light. We felt it some more. This definitely wasn't pee. Still naked we ran to the bathroom, closed the door, and turned on the light. It was some sort of milky white, thick gooey stuff. It soon turned clear and watery and we washed it off us and went back to bed. We both were scared but Jimmy especially. He overheard his grandparents the year before talking about one of his uncles having his balls removed because of cancer. He wondered if he had cancer too. I didn't know what to say or do. Jimmy snuggled up against me, put his head on my shoulder and I felt his tears falling on me. This wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be. This was awful. I thought it was my fault that Jimmy had got cancer and they would have to cut his balls off.

My mom woke us the next morning. We were still bare naked. I was glad we had the sheet over us. Still if it weren't for being bare I would have thought they whole thing the night before was a nightmare. But Jimmy woke up and I could see he wasn't the happy kid he always was. Thankfully my mom left us alone and we got up and dressed. I promised Jimmy I would go with him to talk to his grandfather about what we saw. My mom made us eat breakfast before we rode our bikes to his grandparents house.

His grandfather was real cool, even for a grandfather. Jimmy just told him what we saw without telling him how it got there. He actually lied and said we woke up and it was just there. His grandfather smiled and even laughed a little before he saw how scared we really were about it being cancer and Jimmy having to get his balls cut out and everything. We then got about a 3 hour 'Birds and Bees' talk. It was a little embarrassing at times but a whole lot better than being ignorant. His grandfather even got the whole truth out of us about how the semen got there. He got us all laughing about it and told us that all boys do things like that. We were surprised that he told us he even caught Jimmy's father doing things with another boy when he was our age. It seemed really weird thinking our dads would do that stuff.

After that Jimmy and I masturbated together on a regular basis for a couple years. It was another six months or so, maybe 3 months after my first hairs that I had a wet orgasm with Jimmy's arm between my legs, even though we had started experimenting with different methods by then.

I never really thought about those times with Jimmy until a couple weeks ago. I woke up to hearing my son and his sleepover friend, both 13, talking in the bathroom. I wondered what they were doing up at 2:00 A:M thinking one of them might be sick. I went in and found them both in their birthday suits, looking at the 'goo' on his friends belly and my son's fingers. Of course they were both embarrassed but I asked them if they knew what it was. I already had a few talks with my son about puberty so I know I told him so I was able to assure them it was what they thought it was. I just sent them back to bed after they washed up and I talked with them about it over breakfast.

I guess things will never really change.



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