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First Experience With My Best Friend

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My freshmen year in high school allowed me to become close to my best friend as I showed him the difference between a cut and uncut cock.


We were both freshmen in high school. Prior to this point, I don't ever recall thinking about men, but after that fateful day, I don't know if I ever stopped. Jody, my best friend, was nearly a year older than me because he was the oldest in the class and I was the youngest. He was beautiful in my eyes. A little over 6', he was tall, dark and handsome. His skin was always tan. He had nearly black hair and deep, dark eyes. He had well toned legs, and his arms and abs were just beginning to get definition.

He and I did everything together. We were inseperable. We took turns spending the night at each other's home all the time. We inevitably would stay up all night talking and watching movies, especially anything that would come on late.

This night started off normal. We were sitting in his living room, sitting side by side on his couch, just talking about life, but we eventually turned our conversation to sex. I am uncut and, at the time, was very sensititve about it. So I asked him what he knew about uncut guys. Suprisingly, he didn't even know the difference between a cut and uncut cock. He didn't even know what he was. I was shocked. I tried to explain it to him, but I couldn't get through to him what it was like. I tried drawing it for him, but that didn't help either. The internet was fairly new to us then, and we couldn't really find any pictures.

It was then that I thought about telling Jody that I was uncut. The thought of telling him made me very nervous, but I let him know. In the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to show him my cock. I wanted him to know the difference between a cut and uncut cock. I began to shake I was so nervous, but I managed to ask him if he wanted to see mine. He was silent. I told him it wouldn't be gay or anything, but that this was the only way I knew to tell him what the difference was between a circumcised or uncircumcised man. I could see him thinking it through. While he was debating the idea, I began to get incredibly hard. I always got hard when Jody and I talked about sex, but this was different. My cock was yearning to break free. It was so hard it hurt. I don't ever remember it being that hard to date.

Just barely under his breath, Jody said yes. I said ok, but you should show me yours too. It wouldn't make it as weird, I reasoned with him. He agreed. Boy, was I nervous and thinking about what was about to happen only made it worse. I was physically shaking. Whenever I stayed with Jody, he always slept in white briefs and a white t-shirt. His package had always intimidated me. I knew he was huge for our age.

I usually wore white briefs as well, but this evening, I had for the first time decided to try bikini briefs, which made me feel equally as awkward. But I began to strip down to them. He commented on them, saying he had never worn anything other than normal briefs. That was probably a good idea for him. He would have fallen out of the bikini briefs. You could see that my precum had made a wet spot on my briefs, and he commented on it. He said he rarely produced that much pre-cum. I told him the foreskin usually helped keep the pre-cum around for me to use as lube.

Finally, I lowered my briefs and unleashed my five inch cock. It wasn't huge, just average, I guess, much like the rest of me. I am 5' 9', blond hair, blue eyes, medium build. My cock slapped against my abs. Pre-cum was everywhere. I had never produced so much. I was so excited to show him my cock. Jody watched intently as I slowly lowered my foreskin for him. He was amazed. He asked me to do it over and over again. I knew I was going to need to jack off.

It was then his turn. He slowly began to lower his briefs and I began to see what still to this day is the most perfect cock I have ever seen. He was soft still and must have been 5 inches. He was certainly cut. His bush was beautiful. Not trimmed or shaved, his natural bush was black and looked great around the base of his moderately thick cock. It was the first cock of another man I had ever seen. I loved seeing an uncut cock.

I asked him if he minded if I jacked off. He seemed a bit uneasy about the idea, but agreed. I encouraged him to do it as well. I wanted so much to see him hard. I started to stroke. I took it slowly, knowing I could explode any second. As I did, he played with himself and slowly his cock began to rise to a beautiful 6.5'. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. He spit in his hand and began to stroke with his left had, upside down, which was very different from my normal technique of using my right hand and fisting my cock up and down.

The sight of him jacking was too much. I began to cum. I had collected some paper towel to catch it, but it would be no use. It was my largest orgasm to date. It was huge. Cum went everywhere. Clean up would take a while. Seeing me cum brought Jody to his limit and soon I got to see him come to ecstasy. His cum did not shoot as far as mine did, but it was beautiful.

I knew at that moment that Jody and I would continue to be good friends. I also knew that I would want to repeat that experience again with Jody. We would repeat it over and over again until we went to college. Unfortunately after graduation, we never did it again. We continue to be friends, even though we live on the other side of the country from one another. What I wouldn't give to do it once more with him. I want to see how 'big' of man he has become.



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