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First Experience With Friend

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Let me begin by saying that I love Solo Touch and have been getting off to the stories here for years. This is the story of my first masturbation experience with my friend Julie (name changed, as is mine.) We were both 18-year-old college freshmen at the time (it's been about three months.)

So it was a Saturday night and we were sitting in a dorm lounge watching weird porn and eating junk food with five or six of our friends. This was a fairly normal weekend practice for us; the dynamic wasn't especially erotic, but lots of fun, because we delighted in laughing and making scathing remarks about the people fucking on the screen in front of us.

Julie, who is petite but muscular with tons of curly hair, was sitting on my lap, nothing out of the ordinary there, until I became aware of her foot rubbing slowly up and down my calf. I was shocked and desperately turned on (the cheap, dull-eyed couplings on the TV screen were a total non-factor) as I'd wanted to be sexual with Julie, the first girl I'd ever been strongly attracted to, for months before this, but was certain she'd reject me (I wasn't even sure if she liked girls.) So I sat there, silent and horny, helplessly rocking my hips ever-so-slightly, drinking in the sweaty smell of her and mesmerized by her foot sliding tantalizingly up my leg. I wasn't sure if she was being playful or what.

When porno-fun-time was over, I headed back toward my room, Julie with me, still nothing unusual, as she frequently came back to my room to talk, sometimes sleeping next to me in bed. We sat on my bed and chatted. Neither of us mentioned the sexy (to me at least) moment we'd shared in the lounge. Then there was a lull in our conversation, and I said, 'Eat some crap?' brandishing a leftover box of snack-cakes at her. She shook her head, smiling. 'Touch me?' she counter-offered. I blushed and stammered for a moment in a way that I hope was charmingly awkward (but probably just awkward) and she laughed and pushed me back, half-reclining against the wall. I pulled her up to me so we were in a spoon-wise position. I'm pretty fat (unapologetically so) so I kind of engulfed her.

At last, this was quite unambiguous. I put my hands on her belly, savouring the warmth and smoothness of her ivory skin. My pussy was throbbing with lust by now; I was sure she could feel the warmth of it through my jeans. I cooed into her ear that she was beautiful and I loved her, both true. My fingers moved her bra out of the way and flicked lightly over her nipples, causing her to writhe around and dig her head into my shoulder. Taking my time, I massaged her breasts, skirting around her nipples, until suddenly I squeezed them both rather hard, tugging and twisting gently, eliciting a little 'Oh!' and a hip-thrust from Julie, which brought me right up to the edge of orgasm.

Kissing her neck, I kept rubbing and squeezing her nipples with one hand while I let the other roam downward and stroke her abdomen side-to-side just above her jeans. I inserted my fingers millimeters inside the waist to make my intentions clear. Her breathing was fast and heavy; I could tell she was as turned on as I. I started to slide my hand inside her panties but she stopped me with her hand. Undaunted, I went in again, this time inside her jeans but outside her panties. I could feel the heat and humidity radiating in waves off her hot pussy. I was dizzy with arousal by now and wanted nothing more than to touch her down there, but, having been checked once, I instead used a trick I learned on Solo-I pressed down hard into her lower abdomen with my knuckles and rubbed, stimulating her G-spot from the outside. 'Oh, Jesus!' she gasped with pleasure. Then she said, 'Cheater!' continuing to writhe and buck against my hand on the front of her abdomen.

I laughed. 'Want me to stop?' She gave in to her desperate horniness and said 'Do what you want.' That was all I needed. I had her jeans off in about a tenth of a second. Still in no great hurry and wanting to stretch the experience out, I shifted downward, tickling her knees, then stroking her thighs, and then running my fingers lightly over the crotch of her panties. She panted and rocked; I knew her pussy was craving attention. I delicately removed her soaked underwear and for a while I massaged her unshaved pubic area, not yet entering, tracing the cleft of her slippery-wet lips lightly with one finger, until she was literally trembling with arousal (and so was I.) Unable to resist any longer, I spread her lips apart with one hand and with my other index finger I teased the tip of her hard, throbbing clit, making her squirm and moan in total bliss. Overcome by how hot this was, I couldn't help moaning along with her. 'You know just how to touch me,' she breathed as I rubbed her clit harder. With my other hand I was all over-tweaking her nipples, massaging her belly, and finally pushing two fingers into her tight pussy. Every time I knew she was about to climax, I'd stop and rub her thighs or abdomen with both hands, waiting.

'You're torturing me!' she groaned in delicious frustration after half an hour of this treatment, so I delved into her steamy, dripping pussy and rubbed her clit with all my might until she was shaking all over, rocking the bed, and moaning my name (while I whispered hers) in what I think must have been a very potent orgasm-I have never seen anything hotter than that wild, uncontrolled, almost-painful expression on her face while she came (I can masturbate just thinking about that look!) As her climax subsided I rolled her over so we lay next to each other. I brought my juice-drenched fingers up to my mouth and took immense pleasure in licking her cream off of them one-by-one. She giggled at this and we held each other for a long time.

Lots more happened that night and since (and hopefully will continue,) but those are stories for later.



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