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First Experience With a Guy

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It finally happened to me!


I have been reading stories here for a couple of years. Mainly because I love jacking off and I find some of the stories very exciting, true or not. I am a married man and quite happy. On the other hand, I have been fantasizing for several years about jacking off with another guy. I don't have fantasies about kissing a guy or anything like that, just mutual jacking off.

Last weekend I had to work at a trade show for my company. For three days I had to stand in my booth and greet customers and potential customers. During slow spells I spent a lot of time talking with the guy in the booth next to me. He was 38 and married too. It happened that we were staying in the same hotel.

Near the end of the second day of the show we agreed to meet for a drink and dinner since we had nothing else to do. We got well acquainted over drinks and dinner and we talked about a wide range of things, from marriage and happiness to occasional loneliness and unhappiness, especially when we travelled. He finally said something like 'I spend more time jacking off than I do having sex with my wife.'

I told him I did too, and I added that I can't hardly go a night in my hotel room without jacking off. Well, my several years of curiosity about a mutual were really on my mind at this point. I said 'I don't want you to think I'm gay or anything, because I'm not, but I think it would be a hoot to jack off together ... if you want to that is ...'

He said that was something he had thought about before but he had never done it. I said I had been wondering about it too and I had never done it before either. He paused a while, then said 'I'd like to give that a shot ... but nothing else!' I agreed!

My room was closer so we went to my room. We talked on the way up the elevator that this was really going to be different. We stood in my room not really sure where to start, then we both sat on the side of the bed. By now the anticipation was getting to both of us and we both had big tents in our pants.

We both started feeling our dicks through our pants and we talked about masturbation and how good it felt, and how often we did it. We were both extremely hard. I finally unzipped my pants and pulled my long hardon through the fly and he did the same. We both stared at each others dick as we stroked.

It isn't really comfortable to simply pull a hardon through the fly and jack, so I stood and dropped my pants to my ankles and kicked them off, then he did that too. We both sat down again so we could really spread our legs and have a clear view of each others dick and pubic hair.

His dick was a good 6.5 inches or so and moderately thick. Mine is about 7 inches and moderately thick. It felt so good to very slowly jack together and watch the other and talk about our dicks. Although he had said we wouldn't do anything else, I was a bit surprised when he asked me if he could feel my dick. I let him. He held my dick gently and slipped his fingers and hand up and down my length and he remarked about how hard I was.

I didn't ask, I just reached over and took his dick in my hand. It was the first time I had ever touched another man's dick. It was very hard and smooth, so hard there wasn't a single wrinkle in his skin to be seen.

It was clumsy jacking each other sitting side by side as our arms and elbows bumped each other, so I suggested we stand and face each other. We stood about a foot apart and each with our right hand resumed jacking each other. I have to say, it felt awesome, and the 'wrongness' of the act created a thrill.

We both jacked until each of us came. We would each announce then move slightly so the cum shot out onto the floor. It was awesome fun.

The next day at the trade show we talked about it more in between talking to customers. He thought it had been fun too. We weren't leaving until the following morning on early flights, so we agreed to get together again that night.

This time we spent no time nervously talking, and furthermore, we both got totally naked. We jacked each other and we even experimented doing something else until we came.

I have no regrets. I loved every minute of all of it. We each travel on business to each others home cities. We swapped email addresses and we plan on getting together again discreetly to do it again. I get hard just THINKING about it.



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