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First Ever Sexual Experience

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We had only just finished the athletics carnival at school. It was a Friday so that night me and another friend Connor went to a friends house who I will call Peter for a sleepover. We are all the same age and from what I have known and all we knew about our sexuality was puberty from our sexual education but we didn't know how to masturbate etc.

Because we were so young we were curious about our sexuality. When it was time for bed, we started mucking around all three of us and started humping each other in Peter's bedroom, though with our clothes on.

At this stage Peter's parents had gone to bed and we were by ourselves. We weren't expecting to go any further than humping each other with our clothes on so Peter went to bed. Now let me explain the room. Peter sleeps in the same room as his brother though this night he was at his friends house as well. They have beds on opposite sides of the room and in the middle there were mattresses set up on the floor for Connor and I.

Connor and I kept on going. At this stage Peter was asleep and Connor was on top of me while I was lying down humping me with our clothes on. We were both feeling really good while doing this and asked him if we should take our clothes off. He was unsure though I kept trying to persuade him. He finally agreed and then there we were both naked with hard ons. This was the first time I saw another boy naked and I was merely curious. We started doing the same thing again with him on top just dry humping me when after a while I started to get a really good feeling in my genitals. I wasn't sure what to do and right before I was about to orgasm I stopped myself by stopping Connor from humping me. We stopped humping and just started to talk about all kinds of things which I can't remember now but then I suggested we should cuddle and see what it felt like. We were still naked and when Connor's warm body touched me, I felt so good. We were cuddling for a while until Connor said that we should kiss. I wasn't sure but it sounded good so we decided we would count to three. We agreed and once I counted to three, we leant in and kissed each other on the lips.

We cuddled a bit longer that night as well as humping each other but then we decided to go to sleep. I am not gay I was just curious. If anything I am Bi. Connor and I had a few more encounters which were basically the same thing as what we did that night just we explored a lot more.



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