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First Ejaculation at the Hand of a Girl

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My first real sex with a girl came about from an unusual classmate. She was not a girl I would have suspected of being interested in sex.

[Webmaster's Note: This story contains passages that were copied word-for-word from 'Summer Lunches With Mrs. Nelson' that was published on Solo Touch in 2001.]


I whacked off for the first time during the summer between grade 8 and 9, around the time I turned 14. Prior to that, I had had 'wet dreams' but finally I decided to experiment, to see if I could produce the wonderful feeling when I needed to feel it.

One day when the family was away, I closed my bedroom curtains and lay down naked on my bed in the coolness of the afternoon. I encircled my cock with my thumb and 1st finger and simply rubbed it slowly, then faster and faster, until a fountain of warm white cum squirted out onto my abdomen. I immediately fell deeply asleep, awakening only to the sound of car doors slamming in the driveway as the family returned home for dinner.

Over the next autumn and winter I did it every day. By spring I was jerking off two or three times a day. Once school ended in June I usually fit it in four times a day. I turned 15 that summer.

I was still riding a bicycle to school because I had so far to go and there were no school buses in that area in the early 60s. A lot of my schoolmates made fun of me because of this: they thought riding a bike wasn't cool. Anyway it got me around. Early one summer morning I whacked off twice, then while it was still cool out I rode over to visit a beautiful blonde girl who had been in my class everyday since Grade 7.

We were just friends. I was kind of nerdy but she didn't care and still talked to me. Her mom said she wasn't home, so I left. I was riding north toward home when I unexpectedly passed Jean. She had also been in my classes for three years. She wasn't very good looking. She was one of the girls that the guys made jokes about behind her back. She didn't date or have much prospect of dating. I thought she wasn't pretty, but because I had known her for so long and liked her a bit, I didn't tease her or join in the rude remarks. When I first met her in grade 7 she was small and not really noticeable. By grade 8 she had developped hips, large breasts,and grown a few inches taller. She had beautiful, shiny long brown hair. She was also really shy.

I stopped and talked to her, straddling my bicycle. She kept looking at the ground when she talked. Her voice was quiet but she had a certain kind of laugh, a mischievious chuckle. After a few minutes I got off my bike, laid it down on her driveway and we sat on her front lawn. That suburb had ditches and no sidewalks. We sat on the grass where it sloped into the ditch. If you laid out flat on your back then propped yourself up by your elbows, you were almost upright. Putting her elbows like that made her breasts jut out. I could feel my cock stirring in my pants. We talked about going back to school in the fall.I said I hoped she would be in my class again this year. I told her I liked her. She blushed.

Then her mom opened the front door and told us to get out of the sun, to go sit under the tree in the backyard and she would bring out iced tea. I put my bike up by the house and we went out back and sat close together on the edge of the porch. Her mom brought the ice tea and said she was leaving to walk to the store. In a few minutes Jean started talking about sex and how she never had any hope of dating or finding a boyfriend. I reassured her she didn't need the troubles of a boyfriend; I had already had a few dates and one steady girlfriend, but those were not happy times for me. She said that was sweet of me to say, but she felt left out.

I was supposed to always ask my parents first but I didn't: I just asked her to go to a movie with me. She smiled, she was So happy, and from then on she looked at me, not at the ground. And she held my hand very tightly as we continued to talk. My 15-year-old's erection was completely obvious in my shorts. At first I wanted to try and hide it because I was embarrassed. My second thought was, I didn't care because we were friends and she would understand. We kept talking and she held my hand and sort of caressed it as we spoke. She would glance down at my bulge now and then and smile. That day I learned the meaning of frustration; when we stopped talking and I left for home, my balls ached for release. The minute I got home I went to my basement hobby room and jacked off just to stop the pain. It happened really quick that time, and I spurted a lot of snow-white jizz.

When I arrived home I asked Mom about taking Jean to a movie and Mom asked a lot of questions like where did Jean live and what did her father do and what church did they go to. Finally she said, 'Yes,' I could take her to the Friday matinee of 'The Great Escape' (with Steve McQueen). I phoned Jean and said we would pick her up at 1:30 pm. Jean squealed with excitement. In those days my parents drove me on all my dates. Everything was too far to walk and they didn't want me wandering the streets in the dark anyways.

Mom drove us to the movie and I bought Jean popcorn and a drink. I didn't have enough money to buy them for myself, so I just told her I didn't want any. She insisted we share, and our hands kept bumping into each other in the popcorn bag in the dark, and she would laugh. I didn't think we should share the same straw, but she said men and women did it all the time when they liked each other so we should too. By the time the main feature came on the popcorn was gone, so she held my hand through the whole movie. Everytime I turned to look at her she was already looking at me. I didn't know if she was bored with the movie or I just happened to look at the same time she did. On the way home she said she would always remember this day because it was her first date. I said I would always remember because I went with her.

Early Saturday morning my parents took my two brothers to my grandparents' cottage to swim. I had said that I wanted to stay home. I was getting more independent from my parents. I used my summer job as the excuse. I was cleaning our church for that summer. My intention was to do some cleaning that day but to spend some private time whacking off and then to visit Jean, which we had already talked about. I jerked off, then just as I was about to leave for the church I got the urge and did it again. I bicycled to the church, put in about 2-1/2 hours of work, ate my sandwich, brushed my teeth, then headed for Jean's.

Jean had found some excuse to stay home when her parents took her brother to go visit their uncle. She said that she just wanted to talk and sit around, quickly adding, 'like we did last weekend,' which I took to be reference to holding hands and her looking at my throbbing hard-on. We sat on the couch and talked and held hands again, but this time the conversation immediately turned to intimate things: how did I like making out, had I ever made out with a girl much, how far had I gone, had I ever 'cum' with a girl, etc. I got very bold and asked her the same questions. Since my own answers were all negative, her lack of experience wasn't much of a surprise to me. Jean told me that she thought about making out and a lot of other 'sex stuff' quite often but hadn't tried it. I told her that was on my mind, maybe even too much. She told me she thought that was normal for boys.

Then she said she bet I had a hard time after sitting around and talking last week since I looked so aroused. I was speechless! Then I thought, 'well the cat's out of the bag anyway.' I said that it was pretty painful until I got home and took care of the situation. She said that sometimes she just had to relieve herself too. She said that sometimes she couldn't get to sleep until she had an orgasm. I had never heard of this before; I didn't know girls had orgasms too. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to look stupid or make her feel bad. She reached for my hand and said that I wouldn't have to take care of that myself anymore, and she hoped I would take care of her too.

Then she kissed me. We started making out, lots of kissing and she let me put my hands wherever I wanted. I was like a kid in a candy store touching everything. She was moaning a lot under my exploring fingers. Just when I thought I couldn't get my hand down the front of her shorts she stood up and led me into her bedroom and closed the door. She peeled off her shorts and top, then turned away from me and removed underpants and bra. She turned toward me, trying to cover her pubic area with one hand and hide both her nipples with her other arm. But things just got away from her grasp. She had magnificent breasts, quite large, with beautiful full dark nipples. Jean was a total surprise when naked. She had the sexiest body I had ever seen with soft curved hips, a slightly-rounded stomach, and a small sparse bush. I never expected this. she always just looked so plain in class.

I almost had a climax right there. She sat down with me on the edge of her bed and we went back to kissing. While my fingers were busy exploring her bush, I felt her hand on my very hard cock through my shorts. At first I jumped since up to that point I had been the only one that had ever touched myself. She stopped kissing me for a moment and asked, 'Can I take it out so I can see you?' I almost could not speak I was so excited. I was also hoping it wouldn't cum on her the moment she touched it. Well, she unzipped me and pulled me out without incident. She began to stroke me in a very sexy way. I was sure this was going to lead to my orgasm any second. Even though I wanted to cum, I was also aware this was my chance to do some real solid sexual exploration. After all, I was the nerdy, scientific type.

We went back to kissing and I got brave enough to slip my finger into her pussy. She spread her legs slightly, inviting me to be even bolder. Slowly, I slipped a second finger in and began to move the fingers in and out of her slit. As I did this not only did I get even more turned on but suddenly the way she was stroking me changed pace. I moaned. I stopped kissing her long enough to say we had to slow down or I was going to shoot and we'd be finished. She looked at me very seriously and dropped her eyes a little and said, 'Can I ask a favour?'

I said, 'Sure, we're friends. Anything'. She told me she had never done any of this and wanted to stop kissing so she could watch me ejaculate. Yes, she actually said the scientific word 'ejaculate,' I told her I was very close but would like that too. With that she stood up, pulled me up, kissed me, then quickly pulled my clothes off.

We got back on her bed, laying down facing each other. She pressed my fingers back into her pussy. She said, 'That feels so good when you rub me there'. She peck-kissed me, looked down, and grasped my cock again and commenced stroking me. Within a minute the feel of her pussy combined with her stroking brought me to the greatest ejaculation of my young life. She moaned as I shot jet after jet of cum over her body. When I finally stopped gasping and got my breath back, I tried to sit up to clean myself off. She had a huge smile on her face. I asked her what was making her smile so much and she told me that she had never seen anything so exciting in her life. She said not to move, that she would clean me up. She went to the washroom, I heard the water running, and shortly she came back with a warm, wet washcloth to wipe me off. She had already cleaned herself up. I couldn't believe how fascinated she was. After all, I was the one that had just climaxed. I sat up on the edge of the bed with her. She kept grinning and kissing me.

She started to move her fingers around her pussy. After a couple of minutes, she had me sit right next to her. She put her left arm around my waist and took my right hand with her right hand and put it on her pussy, with my palm on her pubic bone. She then took the index figure of my right hand and placed it at the top of her slit. She pressed down on my finger and then told me to slide it over a little bump and then press down. I could just barely feel the little bump. Next, she had me press down again and then slide my finger over the bump back to the other side. She had me do this a couple of more times. She then asked me if I would keep doing that and not stop until she told me to. I said sure. She grasped her right breast and began to massage her nipple. I kept rubbing like she told me. After about thirty seconds, she started to tightened her grip on my waist with her left arm and told me to move my finger back and forth faster. A few seconds later, I heard a low moan, and Jean started taking rapid breaths through her open mouth. The rapid breaths started becoming louder and faster. Then I heard a loud OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!

I had just heard my first female orgasm! I was so pleased. Jean placed her right hand on my hand that was still on her pussy.

After a few minutes, Jean took my right arm and placed it around her right shoulder. While she was leaning on me, she reached for my still erect penis and began to stroke me up and down. It was wonderful! After several minutes I came, spurting warm jets of semen over the edge of her bed onto the floor. She smiled, then wiped away the cum with a couple of tissues.

She then said we should get dressed. I asked if I couldn't please just look at her pussy for a little longer. She agreed, spread her legs a bit more, and sat there smiling at me. I sat on the floor gazing at the most beautiful flower in the world.

We continued these sessions whenever we could sneak time alone together without our parents knowing. I think it was our 5th or 6th encounter before she started to cum at the same time that I did. She had her period that time and we didn't even touch each others' privates. She had one of those 'sanitary pads' on that women used back then. It was held up by a belt that had special clips that clamped on the ends of the 'napkin.' I had seen my mother changing them so I knew what they were for. The belt formed a 'vee' across Jean's belly, and looked very sexy. I was lying on my left side next to her, stroking my penis as we lay on her bed. She was lying on her back and had her eyes closed, with the fingers of her right hand between the pad and her vulva. I would kiss her once in awhile but she was really off in her own little world, stroking herself and moaning and breathing heavily. She could hear my breathing, and when I started to gasp she started to rub herself more frantically, and my cock spurted just as she vocalized her own orgasm.

Our other encounters are a story for another time.



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