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First Contact at 18

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Since the age of 10 I have experienced homosexual desires. Oddly enough, during my first years of masturbation I used to wank off to female porn.
What a day its been today! Was up until 3:30am talking to a guy on Yahoo (17 years old). After a four hour conversation we decided to meet later on. I was so nervous, he told me about how he had run away from one guy because when they met the awkward silence was too much to stand. We hadn't even seen any photos of each other, so I was so scared I wasn't going to be attracted to him. I like boys who look boyish and dont look way older than they are.
So I was not really banking on him calling me as he said he would, however he did, and he had arrived at the train station in my town! I was very nervous as you would expect when I met him I was very pleasantly suprised. He was cute and had such a nice smile. There wasn't too much awkwardnes between us and we were able to hold a conversation but there was still a bit of an odd feeling as the previous night we had pretty much established that we were literally meeting for sex.
Back at my house we just sat around in my room for a while chatting. I was getting a hard on while talking to him, but kept putting off making a move. I had never been so tense in my life. I said 'Well do you wanna do something?', 'I haven't come all this way for nothing', he replied. So I thought 'right this is it'. I got him to lie on his back on my bed and I stripped him down to his boxers. I could see his 6' cock pushing up against the material. I was still stood there in my boxers when I slowly let my dick spring out. He smiled back and did the same. He had such beautiful eyes and it was so erotic just making eye contact. I laid down beside him and we just kissed for what seemed like eternity. I stroked him all over his body and he did the same to me. I never realised the erotic pleasure to be gained by simple body stroking, I was actually moaning in pleasure just from my arms being rubbed. Eventually I reached for his cock which was very hard about the same length of mine but fatter. I jerked him a few times and damn, he cummed instantly! So he carried on jacking me and began sucking. It was strange I really wasn't at my hornyness wasn't that great, then I decided we would 69. It was fantastic sucking that cock and feeling his warm lips all over mine. He was rubbing his lips all over it and I was doing the same. And mmmmmmmmmmmm, I eventually came all over his cute face. He was taking so long to cum after his initial incident so I jsut had some Robert Miles in the back ground and just held him in my arms gently ruffling his hair and looking at him. It was so nice just relaxing, holding him close to me. He laughed when I said things like, 'I feel so safe with you', but this boy was my hero and I just love him.
We did attempt anal but he couldn't really get it in properly and this wasnt what we had really met for any way. Eventually he lay on top of me with his dick against mine and we just kissed and hugged, then eventually i got him to straddle me and held both our dicks in one hand jacking them together, as I had seen in a movie, then we went back to jacking each other and I came again! He still hadn't come yet so I had to carry on jacking him...I started to hold his shaft really tightly with my hand with my lips on top, so it was a semi bj , semi jack off. He loved that and just kept giving me his smiley loving looks that sent me wild. A few minutes later, i finally had his hot cum all over my hands and some in my face. I had become hard again and he laid down while I thrusted his mouth with my dick. He eventually finished me off with a hand job - the 3rd time cumming! We we're both very tired by now and just sat there still hugging and I gave those sweet lips a kiss and whispered, 'thankyou' to which he giggled.
This was a great experience and I hope to meet up again sometime. Although we met purely for sex, I found myself completely crushed on him. He is gorgeous and I just love his charisma. So perhaps we can be more than sex buddies :)
Well I hope you enjoyed this story. Its nice after all these years (yes Mr Webmaster, I've been coming here for about 3 years now!) of wanking over every body elses experiences I have something to contribute.
Peace and love to all of you.



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