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First Come for Girl ... and in Public

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I have been a horny male for as long as I can remember. I went to various boy-only boarding schools in England and so never had any sexual experience with girls until I was fifteen (sorry guys, there is no MM mutual masterbation here even though I mention boarding schools!).

I used to rub my cock a lot from when I was seven or eight, and get very excited but only ever got to the stage of precum. It was only later I learned to use my kegel muscles. This happened after my first come, aged fourteen; I think this is pretty late. Anyway, as usual, I was in a cubicle in the school toilets, rubbing my cock. I so wanted to come but didn't know what to do to make it happen. I had even had a wet dream but couldn't make it happen when I jacked off. Suddenly this time, and maybe the time was now just right for me, I felt a wonderful tingling and I just kept rubbing. I could hardly breathe at the point when my cock seemed to burst. Spunk flew high into the air, I mean real high, maybe 3-4 ft. I was gobsmacked and later came twice more that day, now that I knew which muscles were involved, I seemed to be able to come easily and frequently.

Well, to the story in connection with this title. I remained sexually frustrated by the lack of girls but came at least twice a day from then on. There was plenty of porn shared between friends and I learned to come slow and fast, in almost every conceivable location around the school. My chance to meet some girls came one day when I left the school on a residential weekend as part of a countrywide orchestral workshop. You can imagine there was a lot of pent-up hormones amongst the 70+ teenagers. To cut a long story short I ended up making out with this girl, Tracey. She had great breasts, really large on her tiny frame. We did a lot fondling but we didn't go far. We agreed to meet again when I was 'out' for school holidays.

When the day finally came I was hot with anticipation. Tracey and I went to the pictures in the local town. In the dark of the cinema I put my hand under her top and felt those wonderful tits, and traced her nipples with my fingers. I moved my fingers down her stomach and slid slowly into her jeans and panties until I felt the top of her pubes, my first touch of a girl's pubes! WOW, I was so hot now but then she moved my hand away. I don't remember the rest of the movie but afterwards we left for a walk along the seafront.

I was hopeless at talking, as I suppose I was unused to girls. I just felt so horny. We finally arrived at a bench, in the middle of a park, with a small shelter-roof over it. We kissed some more and fondled each other a little but she was obviously less sexually confident than I was. My cock was throbbing, and knowing that she would not touch it without my prompting, I plucked up the courage and, suprising myself, I suddenly said, 'do you want to see my cock?' She nodded, looking surprised and excited at the same time. I stood up in front of her as she remained sitting on the bench. I undid my trousers enough to lower the waistband and allow my throbbing manhood out, and my tingling balls. I couldn't ever remember it feeling so big and hard. Her eyes lit up and she seemed transfixed by it. I placed her hand on my cock and encouraged her to squeeze it. I savoured this first touch by someone else's hand.

Then, before I knew what I was doing I was rubbing my cock! First slowly, then faster and faster. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip of my large foreskin as I pulled it repeatedly up and over my swollen glans. Feeling the familiar heat build at the base of my cock, I said 'I'm going to come NOW!' My whole body shook as I exploded, right there, in front of her transfixed face. This was an explosion to beat my first in that toilet cubicle, which until then had been my best. My come shot out, landing with audible splashes on the concrete in front of her. One, two, three, four or more spasms added more globules of white cum on the ground. She looked as if she wanted to applaud but just said 'Wow!' I then felt a little embarrassed as I put my swollen and slightly limp cock away. I don't remember anything else of that day, except my aching empty balls as we walked from the park.

It was only later that I thought more about where we had been, in the middle of a busy park with people walking close-by. Surely some people must have seen this young boy shooting his spunk in white arcs in front of a transfixed virginal girl sitting on the bench, her eyes glued to his every movement?

We lost touch soon after, I guess I wanted more adventurous petting than she seemed to. I had still not felt or seen my first pussy. Then, I met my next girl... MORE LATER!

Keep up the great stories, thanks to you all!



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