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First Awakening

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The first clearly sexual experience that I can remember


This is the first clearly sexual experience I can remember. When I was nine my cousins came for a visit to our summer home in the country. Their son Raymond, age 7 or 8, was with them. He was tall for his age--as tall as I, but thinner. As soon as I saw him I knew I liked looking at him because he was so delicate and thin. We spent the first day with me teaching him to fish, and I enjoyed the role of big brother. He was very quiet and shy, and seemed to look up to me, which was great for my ego. We were to share the same bed, and his older brother also had a cot in our bedroom. I got into my pajamas and went to watch a little television with the family before my bedtime. He came to the TV as well but he was just wearing one of his father's t-shirts. It was perfectly modest as it reached his knees, but I could tell there was nothing underneath, and my little pecker started to harden up. I couldn't stop looking over at him. As he would put his feet up into the chair I kept on hoping I could get a look up under the t-shirt. He had to go to bed first. I had an extra half-hour of TV as I was older. When I got to bed he was sound asleep on his back with no covers and the t-shirt creeping up his legs. I lay next to him for a long time staring at him and knowing it was keeping my pecker hard to do so. I really felt warmly toward him and felt driven to look at his body. I gently tried to pull the t-shirt up higher and got my face close to look under it, but I heard his brother coming and although it broke my heart I lay back down and pretended to sleep. I woke up a lot that night and kept looking over, but with his brother in the cot I didn't dare to do much. I was sorely disappointed when I got up in the morning until we went downstairs, he in his T-shirt and me in my pajamas. I was surprised to learn my mother had filled the tub and told me to take a bath. His mother said he needed one too and suggested he get in the tub with me. My little heart began thumping away. I covered myself with a wash cloth because I was ashamed to have my mother see my hard dick. He didn't try to cover himself. His dick was tiny, and I could not see anything like balls. We sat in the tub facing each other and were told to sit there for a while and soak. As soon as my mother left the room I pulled the towel away. I saw him look and saw his pecker was growing, and I was able to see some definition of a ball sack. I told him he could look at me, and I opened my legs. He looked and looked for a while, then I got up and put my face really close to his cock and balls and looked them all over, but without touching. I stood up in the tub and let him have a really good close look at me, and then I turned around and let him look. I told him to get up and turn around so I could look there too. I sat down and waited for my mother to come back in to wash my hair. After that she took me out of the tub and toweled me dry and his mom came in to bathe him since he needed more help than me. Raymond and I did a lot more than that over the years but not till a long time later.



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