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First and best orgasm - Part 2

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This is a continuation of first and best orgasm.


After my first orgasm with him at the pool it rained for like two weeks. I tried to replicate the experience. I humped my pillow furiously while I thought about him but I couldn't cum. It was so frustrating. I couldn't wait for it to be nice out and for him to be back at our pool. I thought about what I was going to do when he shows up. I knew I really liked having my naked vagina rubbing on his back but I didn't know if this technique was going to work again so I got the idea to get an old pair of bikini bottoms and cut a slit in the crotch. I put them on and modeled them in front of a mirror. You totally couldn't tell when looking at me straight om or from the back. Being this daring gave me a thrill.

Then it was sunny out and I waited and waited but he didn't show. I floated on my raft with my special bikini bottoms throbbing and working myself up but he didn't show for a couple more days. When he did finally show I wanted to jump him and grind myself all over his muscular body. But I had to play it cool. He laid on a lounge chair with a tight white tee shirt which he wasn't taking off. This was truly frustrating. I couldn't take it anymore and said that I would help him workout if he wants but he said he did arms yesterday so he shouldn't do them two days in a row. I was so freaking sexually frustrated at this point. I kept saying in my head please take off your shirt. And then he did just that. He was ripped. I wanted to touch him so bad but how could I? What could I do? I almost wished he didn't let me help him workout the last time cause all I want to do is touch him.

He then stood up and started to stretch and flex. I couldn't stop staring. He laid out a blanket and started to do crunches and leg lifts. He would hold his legs a few inches off the floor and hold it until his abs quivered. I pulled up the lounge chair and from my vantage point I could reach out and touch his flexing abs. Which I did. I couldn't believe I had my hand on his abs. He didn't even flinch or say a word. It was like I had my own boy toy to touch and play with at my whim. I was so turned on I tried to grind the chair but it wasn't working. Then he flipped over and started to do push ups. He said why don't you sit on my back for some added weight. Here it was. My chance to grind my aching pussy into his back.

So I sat on him straddling his lower back while I had my hands on his powerful shoulders. I then reached around and placed my hands on his chest. As I did this I ground into his back with my exposed vagina to the rhythm of the push ups. I was there after one push up, it was happening again. I was having a constant orgasm. I couldn't believe it was even better than the last one maybe because I had been thinking about it so much. The only problem with this technique was that I was really wet and it was leaking out of me onto his back but I just kept gently pressing my clit against his back. I pressed my face against his back and wanted to lick him so much but just feeling his skin on my lips made me cum even harder.

He then much to my surprise stood up. And now I was in piggy back position as he walked. I was still cumming and I almost felt stuck to him. I didn't want it to end. He said ok you can get off me now. And I felt embarrassed. I think he was on to me. Then he said the most humiliating thing to me unintentionally. I couldn't believe it. As I got off his back I noticed how wet his back was with my juices. He reached back and touched it and said what did you do, pee on me? I was flushed, my heart raced. I didn't answer him and ran inside. I went to my room and didn't come out. I changed my suit and I could see the pool from my room and he jumped in. I then went back out there mostly because I wanted to watch him. But I was still a little humiliated but he never mentioned it again and I continued to rub myself on him every chance I got.



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