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Fingers of Passion: the Start of It All

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His fingers turned out to be 10X's better than a vibe


I've been masturbating ever since fifth grade. I'd rather not elaborate on how I came to find such a thing out. In my house masturbation has never once come up, in fact not once. I don't think its due to religious reasons, more along the lines of, its a private thing and doesn't really concern the other members of the family. Anyway moving on-

This experience happened to me last Tuesday. I live in a middle-class neighborhood, mostly older couples mid-thirties late 60's. Just a few weeks ago a new family moved in three houses down from mine. There's a guy around my age, and he and I have flirted a bit. We both go to school online, which means both of our houses are empty from eight in the morning till three in the afternoon.

The one morning around 9:30 I got up and decided to go running, people shoved off to work and there wasn't anyone else out. I threw on the sports bra and shorts and went for a run. On my way back I ran passed Aaron's house (The new guy^. Aaron is seventeen and I am sixteen.). He was sitting on the porch with an obvious hardon, he was reading the paper and I stopped to talk to him. It was casual at first but the sight of me sweating wearing nothing but a sports bra and shorts did a number on him. It was clear that the more I stood and talked to him the more his pants shot up.

I'm average looking, in shape-slim. With a killer pair of long legs (Ode to being a ballet dancer) and 36C cup which brought a smile to the other runners out and about. (If you catch my drift)

He asked if I wanted to come in and I couldn't resist. I didn't have the time to masturbate that morning so I was hoping things eased that way. I walked into his house and right away we started making out. Thankfully the walls in houses these days are thick; I'm known to be quite loud. We moved to the living room and I stripped down to just my thong. He too was completely naked, I stood in front of him for a bit and he whistled his approval as I turned around. I looked down at his hardon, which looked to be about 8, and 7ish when not erect. I went to work, and in no time he started moaning a bit. With a few words of encouragement here and there and from time to time he reached over and stroked the entrance to my wet pussy. I shivered in delight! Within minutes he shot a load and it went every where. I mean every where, the floors the sofa, my body.

He slowly pushed me to the floor and softly worked his thumbs on my clit; he was gentle and started off slow. He then inserted one finger at time inside and I let out a hushed moan, he pace quickened and switched from fingering my hole to thumbing my clit. As I reached climax he stopped for two seconds and then went super fast. I arched back and let out a loud ' Ahhhh, ohhh' and drenched his entire hand. He saw the look on my face and smirked a bit, he went back to fingering me; the second time around he went faster. He teased my puss (and I could help but admit to liking these teasing), he would stop here and there while making me beg for his fingers again. This sort of thing had me not begging but NEEDING MORE.

The second time around my whole body shook as I screamed in ecstasy. I actually had to pull away from his fingers in order to catch my breath, while doing this he sucked on my nipples and inserted more fingers, I came three times. By the third time I was panting heavily. Sounded as if I ran 500 miles. While catching my breath yet again, Aaron slowly twiddled my clit, soft and slow. It only took one touch to set me off again.

We sat up and kissed for awhile than fell back panting. We're now dating and thanks to going to school online we can do this every day. He wanted to take things further, but he respected the fact I'm holding out till marriage.



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