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Finger Cots

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This is a great site. I love reading the stories.

When I was 11, I was best friends with a girl named Val since about the second grade. We weren't really boy and girl friend but she was the only other kid in my neighbourhood that was even close to my age so we hung out and did everything together even sleepovers from time to time which included taking baths together. We never thought of anything sexual before other than briefly feeling each others parts in the tub (I don't think my dick ever even got hard), but we both started to develop sexually at this point, meaning my penis and balls were getting bigger and having boners and she started developing breasts but we still didn't have pubic hair.

One day we were sneaking around in my 17 year old brothers room and we found a stash of condoms. We took one and locked ourselves in my room to look at it. We both sort of knew what it was for but never saw one. I tore open the package and took it out and we took turns examining it and unrolled it. I couldn't believe how big it was. Val started asking me some questions about how it worked, if a boys penis actually fit inside it, and some other things. I couldn't really answer any of her questions since I didn't know that much. All I could say was that mine (penis), even when it was all the way hard wouldn't fit inside, meaning my penis was way too small. I actually told her it might be for some gag joke, which my brother played on people all the time, or maybe it was something else, since it was labelled a prophylactic or something and we didn't know what that was.

Val then mentioned she saw something like it. Her mother cut herself with a knife and had to get stitches in a finger and then wore some rubber things over the bandages. They looked just like the condoms only smaller and they still had some in their medicine cabinet. We went to her house to find them. We did find them and they did look just like a condom only smaller. I asked Val if she thought these were condoms but her mother used them on her finger. She just thought it was gross and pointed out the package said finger cots and she rolled one down a finger but it was a little loose. Val then asked me if I thought it would fit on my thing, (penis). I told her I wasn't sure but I would try that night. She begged me and I gave in to not just try right away but to let her watch. It didn't take much. We saw each other naked many times growing up but we both started to get more modest but not for long. To tell the truth I wanted to try it right away and I was also wanted to see her boobs that started growing and hoped if she saw me that she would let me see her.

We locked ourselves in her bedroom, I don't know why since no body else was home. I told her if she wanted to watch she had to get undressed so I could see her. She said she just wanted to see if it fit me and nothing else but eventually I convinced her. We both stripped bare and we just looked at each other for a minute. I told her that her tits were looking nice and she told me my penis and balls looked bigger than before, they were hanging way down instead of all bunched up. She said I should lay down on her bed so I did. My dick was still soft so when I tried to roll it on it wouldn't really work. She asked to try it and I didn't really care so I let her. She started to feel my penis, pulling it straight up and trying to pull the skin down and pulling the now unrolled finger cot on it. It started to get hard. We watched as it grew straight up on its own, getting bigger and harder with each beat of my heart. This wasn't exactly new to me but it did seem to be getting bigger every time and Val never saw it get hard before so we were both curious. It grew to about 4 or 5 inches and the head was partway sticking out. It took a little push from Val to open it all the way. I noticed it felt really good when she touched it and I told her. She tried putting on the finger cot but it seemed too small then. I thought it might work if it was rolled on like it was at first. We tried to get it back but couldn't so she got a new one. This time she got on the bed too and kneeling beside me she rolled the finger cot down on my little boner and it was snug but fit. We both took turns feeling it. Of course she was more interested than I was. I was pretty satisfied after a minute but she wanted to keep feeling my boner and balls. I didn't really mind, it felt good. She liked pulling my boner down and watching it flick back up. She also felt my balls a long time and even found the little tubes that carry the sperm. I thought that was great since I never found them before.

She played for about 5 minutes, including unrolling and putting the little condom back on. I realized the whole time she was feeling me but I didn't feel her and I told her she had to let me feel her parts. It was only fair so she layed down and I started playing with her tiny boobs first and then I felt her slit that was wet and slippery. She started to giggle every time I rubbed her there and thought she must feel they way I did. I heard something not long before about girls having a hole between their legs and I never felt it before so I asked her and she showed it to me and I stuck a finger in a little. I told her that's where a boy puts his thing when they have sex. I told her I wanted to try but she didn't want to thinking my boner was too big. At 11 I guess I didn't care that much. I heard from older boys that it was fun but I still didn't see the point.

Val and I switched places again and she started playing with my boner. It felt better without our condom and I told her to just leave it off and play without it. I showed her how to rub it up and down and it started to feel better than it ever did before. I rubbed it a little before but never to an orgasm. I never really rubbed fast enough. When she did tried doing it fast I found it felt better so I told her to keep doing that. In a few minutes I was shaking uncontrollably. I had a dry orgasm but it still felt great.

I tried feeling Val's pussy so she might get the same feeling but she didn't that day. We kept sneaking the finger cots and probably used about 20 over the next month, whatever was left in the box. About a week after the first day I was still trying to get Val to get the feeling when she let me lay on top and just rub my boner on her slit but not stick it in her hole. It was less than a minute and she orgasmed to. She figured out it came from rubbing on her little white thing that stuck up at the top of her slit.

We were doing this about twice a week for a about 6 months. We both started to get hair. We also went out to the drug store on a regular basis and bought more finger cots. One day just before we started seventh grade my mom took me there to get some school supplies and the lady asked my mom about all the finger cots I was buying all the time. I was busted and my mom asked me about it but I never told her what I used them for. I made up something about using them to hide finger prints when me and some friends would play detective. I don't think she believed me but told me not to buy any more and she never said anything again.

Val and I kept having fun until I started to shoot cum and we found out a girl could get pregnant from it in health class. By this time finger cots were too small and the condoms I stole from my brother were still too big so Val wanted to stop doing it altogether. By this time though I had a friend that was a boy that would come over and we did things together for a while till we both thought it was gay and started dating girls.

It was all fun while it lasted.



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