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Finding My Sexuality When I Was Thirteen

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This story is actually longer, but I'm cutting it into parts. I love this website, and it's the only one I trust to put a personal story like this on! Thank you Solo Touch!


About six months ago, I met this guy, Tyler, at my job. He was new, so I showed him around, and guided him until he could do it all himself. It didn't take long for us to become friends, we visited each others houses a lot, and then became best friends.

One night I got to stay at his house, since his parents were out of town, and everything was pretty typical for the first few hours I was there, then around 3:00am things started to get interesting. He came back into the living room and asked me if I masturbate, I was sort of shocked by the question, but I told him I did. He asked me if I wanted to watch a porno, I told him yeah.

He said, 'Here's some lotion if you need it.' And sat it down on the table, then he put the movie in. I was kind of uncomfortable masturbating in front of somebody for the first time, so I waited and watched him. He took off his pants and boxers, sat on the floor, and lubed up. I quickly stripped down like him, and started rubbing the lotion up and down my dick. I could hear him pumping on his cock, and that turned me on, and made me cum earlier than him.

When we were done, we got up and walked to the bathroom to clean up. I got a full view of him while he was wiping the cum off; his dick was about six inches long, with pretty big balls, and light brown pubic hair. He was looking at me too, my dick was about six and a half inches long, with dark brown pubic hair. I saw him eying me up the whole time I cleaned myself, when I was going to put my clothes back on, he stopped me, and asked me, 'have you ever had another guy jack you off?'

'No.' I told him. I knew what he was thinking, but I asked, 'Why?'

'Well, I'm thinking we could come pretty hard if we did that, and we're close enough that it wouldn't feel too weird.' 'What do you want to do?' 'Hmmm... Well, make you cum, maybe play with your balls a little bit.'

This sounded really exiting to me, and I wasn't really questioning what I was feeling at that time, so I said, 'Sure, but only because it's you.' He smiled and we went into his room, I lay on his bed, and he started to jack off. He came in no time, and started rubbing his cum on my dick as lubricant, I loved it, and I started to fondle his balls while he did it. It took no more than five minutes for me to cum, and I shot a big load all over his chest and his dick, and he didn't wipe it off. He let me stand up, my dick still dripping with cum, while he lay himself on the bed. 'Don't hold back on me.' He told me.

'Don't worry, after that, I owe you something big.' I said with a smile. I got some of my cum and used it on his dick, I rubbed his head with my thumb, then I worked my way down his shaft, he whimpered a little as I grabbed his balls. I started to get really tough with him, and pumped really hard, he came, and it shot everywhere. His cum was all over his bed, on him, and on me.(I returned the favor by not wiping his cum off of my neck and chest)

'Are you still horny?' he asked me. I couldn't even get the word 'yes' out of my mouth before he started to kiss me. I was stunned, I knew it was wrong, but I let him go, I even kissed him back. We 'made out' for about ten minutes before covering up in his bed. We lay there, naked, hot, and covered in each others cum.

I didn't know what to think, I had just kissed another boy, but I liked it. I knew he was thinking the same thing, because we cuddled up closer to each other. He put his arms around me, pushed his body against mine, and uttered three words I'll never forget, 'I love you.' I kissed him, and we both fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning was really eventful, but I'll tell you guys about that later.



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