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Finding Mama's Toys

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When I read other people stories, it seems that most people live with divorced parents. Well, that is not the case with me. I live with my parents, my 13 year old sister, and my 16 year old brother. I know that both of them masturbate, but this is my story. At the time I was skinny, had brown hair, developing A breast, and a nice little bush 'down there.'

One day when I was 13 years old, I was home alone. I knew what masturbation was and I looked at porn sometimes. I would read other people's stories about their mom having vibrators or dildos around. I never thought anything of it until this day it dawned on me. I thought I would rummage through my parents room to see what I could find.

I did not usually go into my parents room because they did not like me to. But this time since I was home alone, I thought it would be okay for me to sneak in there.

So I opened the door and started looking through the drawers and dressers. I actually did not expect to find anything when I was looking. It was about ten minutes later that I was looking and I never found anything. I had looked under their bed, in the dressers, and anywhere else they would of been hidden.

I went back to my room, and then I realized I did not check the closet. So with just a little hope left, I went through their room to get to the closet. It is set up so that you go through their room, then their bathroom, and then you are in the closet.

It was not small thing. It was pretty big and it was filled with junk. I continued to look around to see what I could find. Then I came across this shoe box. I was curious so I opened it and there was something wrapped in a towel. I unravelled the towel and surprise surprise surprise.

I found three vibrators and one really big dildo that did not vibrate. I was a bit nervous, and even though no one was around, I put them back where they belonged.

Later that day I was in my room thing about them, and then I realized I just wanted to try. So I again went to the closet and took one pink vibrator and went to my room.

I closed the door, stripped off my clothes, and laid on my bed. I was sitting there for a few minutes playing with my developing breasts. Then I turned the vibrator on and slowly stuck it inside my pussy. It felt really good and was a different sensation than anything I had felt just by fingering.

I started to move it faster and faster. Eventually it was making squashing noises with the wetness of my pussy. The sensation grew stronger and stronger. Then I felt the orgasm building up. All of a sudden it hit me with a wave of pleasure and I remember myself squirming insanely on my bed. After I had an orgasm, I laid there thinking about it. I decided to give it another go. I slipped the vibrator back in and had another orgasm within two minutes.

After I was finished, I stood up and noticed a little wet spot on my bed. I got dressed, wiped the vibrator and my pussy, and put the vibrator back in the box.

This was one of the first sexual experiences I had and I still do it today. Whenever my parents are not home, I sneak into their room an let myself go. Everything is the same, except I make a bigger wet spot now.



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