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Finally got the ...balls?

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I used to work on a farm next to a state highway. I was on a work release, so I spent four days on the farm Friday in class and the weekend at home. For some reason when I was on the farm I could never masturbate it was like a mental block, I would start to mess about and then stop myself ... I grew up with strong morals so I'm not sure if that was a factor. Anyway the farmer I worked for had two daughters and two sons, one of the daughters was starting to develop her breasts and was rather attractive the other took after her mother. One day the older daughter was wearing some loose top and showed one of her perky little breasts due to my not satisfying myself during the week. I was becoming sexually frustrated.. Also working around cattle all day and seeing the bull shooting his load over the back of a cow.. (no before you ask I wasn't attracted to the cows)... but sex was all around me and I wasn't getting any..

So one night at about 23:00 I finally decided I would give myself what I had been needing for a long time! I slept in the garage in a room built into the corner. Next to my room was another garage that was part of the actual house and just past that was my bosses bedroom window. I crept outside without a stitch of clothing. The night air was cool and my skin around my balls tightened. I closed my bedroom door and stood outside on the grass, I think it was a 3/4 moon or full moon but it was very bright. There was a field with four rows of pine trees with not a lot of branches. They were for lumber so the bottom 2/3 of the branches were removed. Just beyond them was a very busy road, even at night there was a constant stream of traffic. The road was about 50-100 meters from the house, so there I was standing in a wonderful moon glow on some slightly damp grass with a very erect penis. I didn't want to rush it so I slowly stroked feeling very horny at the prospect of maybe someone seeing me, or maybe it was that I could see other people ... or the cars and trucks. I was getting close I still felt a bit hesitant at letting myself cum. I finally gave into it I could feel pre-cum running out of my now swollen cock. I arched my back and spread my legs apart. I had a really good stroke going I tensed my legs and my hips clicked (for some reason they do that when I'm about to cum) thick cum shot out of my throbbing penis, the relief was unbelievable. I was so worked up that my penis was still very hard afterwards. I carried on stroking my hard member and working the remainder of the thick cum out of my shaft. I still have vivid memories of my time on the farm but that night was the start of my "sexual freedom" while I was on work release

As a side note... nothing ever happened with the children and me after that night, my sexual hunger grew and I started to masturbate in different places all over the farm, like the hay shed. There was a district dividing river at the bottom of the valley that the farm overlooked, and one day I rode down there on a bike stripped naked and had an incredible orgasm next to the river. I do have some other stories that I could share but I will leave them for another time ... if anyone is still awake

Happy stroking and thanks for reading



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