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Fiend And M

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a littl about myself.. im 18 im bi and i would reather not use real namesbut those who know me cause of slight hints...
ok any ways i woke up at 12:00 cause i was saposed to go to the mall with my friend
J but instead i sat on my ass till 3:20 when he called and said that we should go to the cafe instead... so at 4:00 we went to the cafe.... it was me him and my friends C and K, after a while we walked around and did some stuff like ate at this other place and walked around som more.. then! J had to go home and so did C, eventually K said she had to catch the bus to the next town to get home, so i walked her to the bus stop and we talked and stuff for like a half hour and stuff and when the bus arived i gave her a hug said goodbye and she got home... so then i decided (it now being like 7:00) that i would go to my buddy M's house.. so i walk to his house the whole time singing misfits songs lol all the way, so i get there and he answers the door in his boxers. M is about like 5'8 black hair light skin and a nice build. so he's like 'dude what r u doing here?' so im like 'just thaught id'e stop buy' so we go to his room and play videogames. and he's just sitting there playing this crazy music game and i just put my arm around him. ( he's straight but he knows that i have a line and that i respect peoples private space) so as the game goes on i start doing more things.. rubbing his back kissing his shoulder occasionally and caressing his chest with my thunmb.. the whole time im talking to him and he's playing the game... thats when i realise that he has a pillow over his lap. so then i move my left hand to his stomach and start rubbing it lol and then as i caress his stomache to the right i stretch my finger out and it goes into the oppening of his boxers... and i ask him...' whats your line M?' and he's like what line. i say 'like your line as in what im doing' and he says 'well im not going to participate in anything.. and im like' dude dont worry i stay in front of the person the back has no interest to me=) and he's like oh ok... so i move more of my finger into the opening and i carres the top of his pubic area..
and thats when his pulse in his arm started going slightly faster lol.. so i slowly move my fingers down till i could feel the base of his junk. (local term meaning dick) and then all of a sudden his mom knocks on the door and steps in so i take my hand out.. and she's like you want some popcorn? and were like yeah sure.. so she closes the door and leaves. so then i go back to it moving myhand down more now gripping his junk.. dude.. i almost spooged myself cause he was mad thick... not too long tho.. about like 6in. so then after that his mom comes in with the popcorn.. the same thing happens i take my hand out and we have some popcorn.. so after like three bites he's like oh man i hate cheeze popcorn.. and he lays back.. i say to him 'just remember guy i do this cause i like to know i can please people lol' so then i slip his junk out and i start jerkin him off. and he's just laying there silent all in a daze.. im as a hard as a rock and he and i could feel him tighhtening the muscles in his dick.. oh man i almost jizzed myself. so i keep jerking him off when all of a sudden he's like 'dude watch out there' and he just like blurbs out a small stream of cum.. and i start laughing.. and he asks 'what?' im like 'dude i beat you in two different things! lol on im longer and two dude if it was me being jerked off i would have blown enough to fill like two shotglasses' and he's like 'shut up!'so i say dont worry guy i still think you have a nice dick lol' so then he cleans up and his mom is like 'well Fiend it's getting late and you guys have school tomarrow' so i had to leave.
i reall hope i get to do more next time



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