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Fencing With Myself

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The best orgasms of my life!


I enjoy solotouch soooo much; I'm an everyday visitor. Well, I really hope you all enjoy my experience as much as I've enjoyed yours.

I began fencing in high school and decided to continue when I went to college. Since the school had no fencing program, I joined a local club. There, I met this girl a year younger than I. She was pretty and had a great personality. We got to be good friends and practised together a lot. Problem was, I became sexually attracted to her. I mean really attracted. Like a huge crush. But I kept it hidden and never told her about me being a lesbian. I was scared to lose her friendship. She talked about her guy friends a lot and I just figured she was straight. So I kept my passion to myself. Sometimes it was really hard, though. Even though I couldn't be with her for real, I fantasized and masturbated all the time just thinking about her. And I had my own unique way of enjoying myself while enjoying thoughts of her.

This is what I would do. I would go into my bedroom, get undressed and slip into just my fencing knickers. They barely hug my skin and are stretchy and very comfortable. No top, panties or anything else. Then I would grab my practice foil ( a fencing weapon with a blunt plastic tip) and get on the bed. I'd spread my legs and push the elastic cuffs of my knickers up a little to the top of my knees and lie back on the bed. After fantasizing about her while laying there, I would grab the blade of the foil with my left hand. Sliding my right hand down the waist of my knickers, I would start to finger and tease my clit while sliding the blade up and down my pussy with my left hand until the plastic tip covering the point rubbed against it. The knickers were thin enough that I could feel the friction of the blade each time it went up and down. Then when the plastic tip would get to my pussy it felt even better. I would get a rhythm going where my finger would slide in and out of my wet pussy while I slid the blade up and down. Then when the tip would hit my pussy, I would jab it in a little while I slid my finger out and tease my clit. Sometimes I'd lay there and do this for an hour or so. One orgasm after another. It felt so wonderful.

The whole time I would fantasize about her and me; the two of us enjoying a topless fencing duel, then crawling on the bed and doing ourselves and each other with our blades. Wow, the first time I ever got off doing this, the orgasms were so powerful my hot girl cum soaked the crotch of my knickers. It was like the more I came the better it felt. It was so hot, wet and messy. There were times I would fall asleep still holding my foil after fingering myself for long periods. It always felt so good to me.

A few months later, she left the club because she transferred to another school in a different state. I decided to take a break from fencing for a while but never really went back. I still have all my stuff and every once in a while, when I think about her and get really horny, I still grab my foil and enjoy.

You know...cum to think about it, my stuff is just sitting there in the closet. And the more I think of her while typing, the more I'm getting hot and horny. I think I'll go and do a little fencing with myself for awhile.

Enjoy ;)



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