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Female Friend Saw Me Jerking

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Female Friend Saw Me Jerking
I think the greatest thrill /rush I can get when I'm jerking off is to have a female see me doing it. I know that some women say they think it's gross or perverted, but I think that's only if the guy is kinda a slimy, fat or scrawny dude. I think that if a female happened to catch a decent looking guy, who was totally naked and jacking off, minding his own business, and she didn't think he saw her, most every female couldn't help but find it erotic and be tempted to watch. At least that's my opinion and that's how I tend to go about it.
Well, my wife and I have a female friend who really turns me on. She's about 5'6", 130, brunette, 36c tits. I always thought it would be a thrill to have her catch me jacking off, and be enthralled by what she saw and watch till I came. So I started thinking of a plan on how to go about it. It didn't take too long to devise the plan, but as the weeks went by I was getting restless because she doesn't come our way too often.. so I was over horned in anticipation. As it turns out, there's another female friend of my wife & I who is also quite good looking. She was going to be coming over one afternoon so we could go the health club together. She was not really the one I wanted to catch me, but I was so eager to be seen that I decided to go for it & I set my plan into motion.
She usually gets off work at 3:00, but she called the night before to tell me she'd be getting off at 2:00 instead. I acted really busy and said, "Oh, OK. Give me a call from your car when you're on your way so I'll know to be ready." She agreed, and the important part of my plan was taken care of. The next day, I got the house set up for the big scene. I set up my video camera so it could record part of the couch, but more importantly, the front door. I opened the front door about a foot, then I cued up a porno I have to a scene where a really hot brunette chick is blowing a guy. This scene really gets me hard every time. I adjusted the volume so it wasn't obnoxiously loud, but loud enough so that you would be able to hear it if you were outside coming up the front steps. Lastly, I set up a small mirror on the couch.. discretely so I could see out the door without having to turn my head to look.
I went upstairs and got online.. this was excuse #1.. she wouldn't be able to get through to me 'cause the line would be busy. Excuse #2 was simply to be convincing that I forgot she was getting off work early. Then, I got completely naked, pulled out the 'ole jar of Vaseline, lubed up my cock and started jacking off as I looked at girly pics on the net, and watched out the window for her car.
When I saw her car, the adrenaline kicked in! I ran downstairs, grabbed the remote and turned on the VCR. The sight of that beautiful brunette sucking that guy off made me good & hard. The moaning and slurping / sucking sounds filled the room. I hit the record button on the video camera, then assumed my position on the couch and watched the mirror.
She came up the steps, obviously heard the sounds, and she glanced in as she walked by the door Then disappeared. I was slowly stroking away and watching the mirror... hoping she was going to look back inside & watch. My dick was really oozing a lot, and I was fighting back a cum. I was hoping that eventually she would tire of standing out there & try to get a look. In the meantime, I kept watching the mirror.. then after 1minute and 23 seconds (according to my video camera) she knocked on the door. I jumped up and made a lot of noise, like I was surprised, turned off the VCR, ran & got a kleenex, and stood behind the door and answered it. I said "oh, hello", and she squeekingly said hi back. As I was talking to her I was cumming into the kleenex! If she only knew! I told her I needed a minute so hold on, she said "OK".
I ran upstairs, quickly threw on a pair of jeans & a tee-shirt, ran back downstairs, hid the video camera & mirror, then answered the door. She seemed a little "off", as you could imagine... but I'm not entirely sure if she knew that I know she was there. I asked her if she had just gotten here,
and she said, "ya just now." I said, "Oh, good I wasn't quite ready. I forgot you were getting off early." I think she bought it. I told her to go ahead and sit down, I would get ready and be right down.When I came down I started making casual chat, I think each of us was trying to figure out how much the other knew. Then I was embarrassed although I can't be certain, she must've seen it on the small table in front of the couch was a cardboard pizza crust with a few pieces left. And three or four long, thick wads of pre-cum that had oozed out on me and I needed a place to put it. She HAD to see that.! Well, we went to the club, I acted normal, she was a wee-bit different. Nothing was said or mentioned!



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