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Female at the Movie Booth

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I used to go to an adult bookshop, which had private coin-operated movie booths. These are 99% of the time patronized by men - usually either gay or bi looking for a hand job through the glory hole in the wall. I had enjoyed this many times myself. However on this occasion I was cruising around the shop watching people come and go. I noticed a butch-looking lady in her 20s also cruising around looking at the pictures on the booth doors. I watched her go into a booth and close the door. Immediately I made a b-line for the booth next to her! When I got inside I wanted to play it real cool and not let her see me trying to look through the glory hole etc in case I frightened her off. So I put my coins in and chose a channel (lesbian movie). I was keen to do anything really: either let her watch me masturbate through the hole - or even better - watch her masturbate through the hole. I unzipped my pants as noisily as possible - and dropped them to the floor - I stood relatively close to the hole so she'd be able to see my bare legs just by glancing down - but not too close to make her think I was gonna stick my dick through the hole or anything!! I started stroking - hard as a rock at the thought of her on the other side of the wall watching porn. I could hear that she had a movie going - but that was about it. After a while I couldn't help myself. I had to bend down and have a look through the hole. Sure enough - she had her fly unzipped and her fingers were rubbing about in her panties. Mmmmmmmmm this was sending me through the roof. I watched for ages as she touched herself. There was no way she could not know there was a glory hole there. And I'm sure she knew that everyone always looked through the holes to watch the action next door. So there I was watching this butch woman get off to porn about one foot away. Then, as I was watching, I saw her start to move and actually kneel down! My heart was already racing from the show. I quickly stood back up, and resumed masturbating. I could see out the corner of my eye movement through the hole down below. This could only mean one thing. She was now watching me. So off I went. Putting saliva on my fingers, I lubed up my cock and started stroking lovingly. I could see she was still there so. Eventually I got bold and decided to turn directly to face the hole. Now looking straight down I could clearly see the bottom part of her face a few inches from the hole staring straight at me. She didn't move or even look like moving. So I moved a little closer so that my cock was virtually right at the hole. I got closer and closer till it was time to cum. I didn't move from that position and ended up shooting most of my load through the hole! I have no idea what she did at this point. All I know is that she was still in there when I left my booth! I hope she enjoyed my show as much as I enjoyed doing it! It will probably never ever happen to me again!



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