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Feels Fantastic

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A truly great site.


I'm a 20-year-old college student. I love running, weightlifting, and hanging with my pals. But one of my favorite activities is getting myself off when I'm alone. Back before I came to college, this wasn't such a big deal... I'd be home alone at least a few times a week so I was just patient and waited for my family members to leave or go to bed, and I'd have my fun. But up here at school, with a roommate, times for masturbating are a little trickier. I used to be fine with getting off in the shower, but that lost its charm after a while (guys get suspicious). I didn't think that I'd be able to have anymore fun times up here unless I was in the shower. This, I happily discovered a few weeks ago, is not the case however. My room roommate (I live in an apartment with 3 guys and share a room with one of them) was gone, and I was reading some stories when I just reached down, and started massaging my penis. I had never completely masturbated while reading any of these stories before, and man... it feels incredible. Such a different feeling than when I'm watching a porno or looking at pictures. I sometimes feel as if I'm there when the person who wrote their story, cumming with them.
Quite often, I get these weeks where I am just geared up and horny as hell for 3-4-5 days straight. Anything can turn me on. Well, I'm in one of those horny stretches right now. Today, all I could feel is how soft and warm my dick was in my pants during class. All I wanted to do was slowly stroke it. But I obviously couldn't. But nothing was stopping me a few minutes ago. I logged onto my computer. To write a paper, but found this site much more interesting. I love looking back at the old archive stories. I started reading a few stories and could feel my nice warm dick begin to rise. I knew that there was no way I would get any homework done tonight if I couldn't get my dick out of my head. So I searched for my favorite stories and started reading. It didn't take long for me to get that feeling... but I didn't want to cum just yet. I got up and grabbed some Kleenexes and stuffed them in my pants. I am forced to masturbate completely dressed, which doesn't make it very sensual, but it actually adds to the pleasure. I started jacking again; all the while I could feel the cum building... I could tell I was going to shoot ton. I kept pumping and right as I was reading about a guy pushing his dick inside a girl for the first time (and remembering how amazing that felt for me) I started cumming... my whole body felt fuzzy and warm... my toes slightly curled, and I erupted a huge load of cum into my pants, completely missing the Kleenex. I could care less... I love the feeling of cum all over myself. I waited for a moment, and then stood up. My boxers were soaked. I could feel my cum slowly moving down my thigh and slightly down my leg. I love masturbating this way, fully dressed while reading these stories. I love masturbating period. I've always fantasized of openly masturbating with a girl, but also, I'm COMPLETELY curious at masturbating with a guy. I read all of these Male-male stories, and they sound so exciting and scary at the same time. I am not gay, and I'm not bisexual... but I'm curious, and something inside me won't let go of the fantasy of masturbating with or actually masturbating another guy, or giving someone a blowjob and having them cum on me. I love thinking about cumming with and watching someone else shoot his load.
Keep at it and have fun.



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