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Favourite Chair

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I found this site about two years ago, and then just kind of forgot about it. And now, I have found it again during a google search, and I would like to share something from my teenage years.

As I was growing up, I was an only child who really got a lot of my parents attention. They told me that sex was a bad thing and that I should never do anything like that until I was married and ready for a child. So I minded my own business. I did not discover masturbation until I was 14 because no body told me and I only had limited access to a computer.

I remember there was one day that my parents were not home, and I decided that I was going to watch television in there room, only because they had a really comfortable bed. I was never allowed in my parents room unless they were there with me. As I laid on the bed watching television, I saw the chair that my dad usually sits in when he is stressed. It was a chair with the vibrating attachment that you could set up in it. I only sat in it a couple of times, so I decided to give it a go. It only massages down from your neck to your back. So I turned it on and enjoyed the feeling.

A few minutes into this, I noticed that there was a tingling feeling in my crotch. I did not think anything of it and kept sitting there. It went away for a while, but then later it came back. I was wondering what it was, So I lifted up my shorts and panties to see. I noticed that there were juices coming out of my vagina, but again I just thought it was pee or something. So I continued. But then I had this weird idea that it would be fun to massage my butt. I really did not know what I was doing.

So I dismounted the massager from the chair, and laid it on the bottom of the chair and sat on it. Then this strange feeling went through my legs and I was scared at first. But then as I progressed, I noticed that I was liking it. So I continued to sit there until I could feel this weird sensation coming over my body. Then suddenly it hit, I was making a few weird noises and I hoped off the thing as soon as I could because I was scared. But my teen hormones liked the feeling, so whenever I had the chance I would try it.

I did this whenever my parents were not home, and it was not until I was 16 years old that I realized you could use your fingers to masturbate. I was a late bloomer I know, but it was fun. When I was old enough I bought myself some vibrators to try and relive those memories I used to have. Thanks for reading.



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