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Fantasy Letter

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Here is my fantasy letter to the woman I desire from afar but can't actually have. Sorry this is so long but well worth the read. I am actually masturbating myself as I type this.


We are both naked and I am visually admiring your beautiful naked body.

Slowly I walk toward you, telling you how beautiful you are and how much I appreciate your physical womanly attributes.

I stop, standing so close that your hard nipples are almost touching my chest. Our naked torsos are so close that we both feel the heat of each other's bodies.

I ask permission to kiss your protruding nipples. Hesitating, you agree.

I bend down and tenderly kiss first your hard left nipple then move to you erect right nipple. But, this time I linger a little longer by gently sucking on your firm erect protrusion. As the sensations from my suckling reaches your brain, a soft gasp escapes from your lips. You faintly protest, but the inflection of your voice and your body language is telling me NOT to stop.

Slowly I slip to my knees so that I am now eyeballing your beaver, just to look at your private parts up close.

A soft tuff of pubic hair tops you otherwise hairless famale genitalia. Your puffy outer lips, forming that destinctive female crack, between which you dangling elongated labia lips protrude, crowned by that hard fleshy sensitive protrusion.

Lightly, I softly blow my hot breath on that miniature intimate object. By reflex, the tiny sensitive head of your little man begins to emerge from its hiding place.

I beg you to spread your lips so that I can get a better look at the inter lips of your hot interior.

Moving to a nearby chair you spread you legs raising them in the air. Kneeling between them, you wrap you legs around the back of my neck and rest them on my shoulders. Reaching down you spread the thick folds of flesh of your outer lips, exposing your deligate inter lips to my gaze.

I beg you to continue. Slowly your fingers gradually spread you inter lips unveiling the soft pink moist entrance to your love canal. I ask you to just let me touch that little protruding nib of flesh.

Not waiting for permission, I reach up, softly rubbing back and forth on it's hardness. In spite of your feign protests, the head of your minature penis reacts to my massaging and gradually emerges from it's fleshly hiding place. I continue to gaze longingly at the beauty of your private female parts while continuning to gently massaging your little nub. After a few minutes of rubbing your sensitive private area, your involuntary uncontrollable muscle gyrations signaled the pending approach of a climaxing orgasm.

Thanking you for allowing me to gaze upon the beauty of you crack and of being able to masturbate you to orgasm, I stand up. Obviously you now observe that my own male tool is fully erect, projecting like an arrow, a rod of steel topped with its purple headed tip. Looking down you see the pre-cum starting to seep from my Cyclops eye.

Again I bend over and kiss both of you rock hard erect nipples, but this time I linger longer on each one as I suckle each while gently massaging the soft full tissue of each breast.

I ask you to stand. As you do, I move you away from the chair. Approaching you from behind, I plaster myself up against your naked body. You feel my belly against you buttocks while my erect rod slips between you legs gently brushing, but not entering, the outer lips of your beaver. Standing in this position, I wrap my arms around you. Reaching under each breast, gently I begin juggling each as if weighing some giant melons.

Soon I return you to the chair and sit you down, but this time with both legs together, I straddle them, walking forward until the engorged bulbous head of my cock touches your chest between your clevelage. I then ask you to play with my manhood. Reluctantly and hesitantly you first reaach up with one hand cupping my dangling winkled sack as you gently squeeze my two large balls together, pulling them down as far as the fleshy sack will allow.

I encourage you, getting more aggressive. Using both hands you separate the two heavy elongated nuts by pushing your thumbs between them. Taking one testicle in each hand, you pull them out in opposite directions forming wings surrounding my flesy man tube. Gently you begin to massage each nut while steadily increasing the pressure on each until they ache from the pain. When I ask you to stop, you yank down on their sack as if you were trying to tear it from my body.

With one hand still under my hairless gonads sack, you reach up wrapping the fingers of your other hand around my joy stick, you begin pushing and pulling back and forth on the loose skin of my salami as the reddish purple arrow head of my cock alternately disappears and then reappears with each of your strokes. My male member begins to throb up and down and through gasps of pleasure, I urge you not to stop. You continue yanking on my dick as you begin twisting the skin with each stroke as you feel my meat grow larger and stiffer with each repetition. Suddenly you increase the speed of each jerking stroke while alternating yanking on my jewels. The friction reated by your pumping brings me to orgasm causing me to eject a stream of hot com from the eye of my organ onto you boobies. You continue to pump me dry until the last drop of cream has been extracted from the Cyclops eye.

You rub the sticky creamy substance into the fullness of your breasts as if applying suntan lotion to the fullness of those fleshy hooters, until the cream has ben totally absorbed into your skin.

Gettin up, I follow you butt naked into the bathroom, where I watch you urinate. We then adjourn back to the living room where we spend the rest of the evening just sitting around nude discussing various topics of mutual interest.

Noticing the lateness of the hour, I get up and start to collect my clothes, but before I put them on, I again masturbate myself to ejaculation while I watch you slip on only a XXL tee shirt to accompany me to the elevator, You say 'I have never seen any guy come as quickly as you did after such a milking I gave you earlier' I responded 'believe me it's not me, it's you dear girl, and your beautiful naked body that allows me to send so much cum into your hand again so soon'

Holding the doors open of the elevator, I thank you for providing me the most incredible evening experience by letting me see you most intimate parts, including allowing me to fondle and kiss your tits and finally for mastubating me to several climaxes. You have certainlly given me a gift that is so special, that it may very well be the last opportunity for a man of my age to experience such youthful pleasures.

I start to depart, but as the doors begin to close, I look back, just as you lift the hem of the tee flashing me a quick, last view of your beautiful shaved bare snatch.



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