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Fantasies about Couples

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From the time me and my friends started dating, fantasies about couples I know having sex has been an obsession....here are the beginnings.


I've been masturbating since I was about ten, when a little buddy of mine figured it out and showed me how. I'd already had orgasms, kind of by mistake. I would play with hot and cold water in the shower until my penis got stiff, it felt so good. Sometimes it would start twitching and feel REALLY good! Bobby showed me about how to take my hand and rub it until that overwhelming feeling came over me. We masturbated together on sleep-overs and in our little fort in the basement until about twelve. Then I moved away.

I continued to masturbate regularly and often, with wonderful fantasies about girls in school, their tits, of course, and what they might looked like naked, little things like the fleshy part between their shoulder and breast, and a little fur on their legs, or a panty line beneath their skirt.

Even when I started dating, I never stopped masturbating, and the fantasies just became better, wilder, and hotter. My friends got girlfriends, and girls I had crushes on got boyfriends, and I began to fantasize them having sex together: French kissing, their mouths hot and wet together; his hand on her breast, her nipples growing hard and her breath faster and hotter. Her hand on his zipper, rubbing, his cock getting stiff, his pelvis squirming and his hand grabbing, pushing her for more. His fingers finding the soft hair between her legs, fumbling for her wet spot, her hand helping him, guiding his fingers to slide along her slit, holding them against her clitoris, crying a little when he's too rough, and wanting more. And as I saw them fucking, thrusting and humping, her hands on his ass, pushing him deep inside, his balls slapping against her, then my own pelvis would grind, and, imagining their ecstatic climax, my cum would shoot out over the bed, and my belly, sticking in my pubic hair, frothy and thick. That's what excited me, that's what I dreamed about....couples I know, having sex.

I became friends with my buddy's sister. She was easy to talk to, and she loved to talk, especially about boys and sex. We'd spend hours talking after school or on the phone, mostly her talking about guys. At my urging, I couldn't help it, she told me more and more about having sex with her dates. After a date, I'd quiz her, until she'd tell me EVERYTHING. How they kissed, what he wore, what his hand felt like in her pussy, how she made him cum with her tongue, and even how much cum he shot, and if she came or not and what it was like-long or short, strong or gentle-and how it came, from his cock, or finger, or (very often) alone in bed that night.

It was totally sexy, and we'd get hot together. Then when I went home, I'd masturbate over and over remembering what she said. She knew it made me hot-I mean I would get a tremendous hard-on, but we didn't talk about it. I was too shy, for sure. But that changed.

She got a boyfriend who was much older, a Marine, who lived away but would visit for a week or two of very hot sex, before he went back. I was taking a photography class in HS, I took some 'portraits' of her, one of which won an award. She gave them to her boyfriend. He was going away for about three months, and after he left, she asked me to take some 'sexy' pictures to send to him. I must NEVER show them to anyone! I agreed, and we set up a date to meet at the apartment.

I brought my equipment, and nervously set it up. She wanted to be on the bed in a new 'shortie' nightie, and went to the bathroom to change. She came and I could see a bra clearly through the nightie. I started taking pictures while she struck sexy poses. I was fumbling away, totally excited. I kept telling her how great she looked, but I was afraid to say how 'sexy'. The room was getting very hot. She leaned forward, showing her breasts over the top of the nightie. I shot away. She struck more poses.

She took off the whole nightie, and was there on the bed, in front of me, completely naked except for bra and panties. I'd never seen a naked girl like that, and I was shaking and blushing and panting and trying to keep going with pictures. She had dark black hair and rounded hips, and got up on all fours...

Then she knelt on her feet, reached around her back and unclasped her bra. She carefully tossed it aside. She turned forward again, and let her breasts dangle. They were pointed, hanging in triangles, with dark brown nipples which rounded and stiffened the ends of her dangling breasts.

She cupped them in her hands, and held them out to the camera. Her lips and eyes were both wide and flushed. Her body was warm and moved like a cat. Her face was flushed and red. I began to feel calm and full of a wonderful warmth and moved smoothly and surely. My heart was pounding, my face flushed, but my hands and eyes worked smoothly and precisely. Her nipples were erect, now, as I saw from the pictures later.

I began to get an erection. For the first time and I felt my dick push up my pants. I felt proud and manly. It seemed like this lasted for hours, perhaps it was only minutes, but it was sooooo awesome. She posed more, up on her knees, slipping her panties down a little to show her pubic hair. She began to talk about what he liked about her, and how he made her hot, and her hands traced her body as she dreamed of him. That was SO awesome!

'I have to stop now', she said, and got up off the bed, grabbing her nightie but leaving the bra on the open sheet, going quickly to the bathroom.

Several minutes passed before she came out of the bathroom. My heart was pounding and I was nervous again as I waited. Then I heard her moan, long and low. She came out and was relaxed and flushed. Her hair was brushed, and her eyeliner was a little blurred. She smelled different than I'd ever smelled her. She grabbed the bra and stuffed it into her bag. I took apart my tripod, and we left the apartment. On the way back, she admonished me again to never tell anyone.

I didn't but I sure did jack off to the pictures!!!!

Well, that was the first girl who told me about sex with her men, but not the last-I was hooked. To me, the sexiest thing in the world is to hear, from a girl's own lips, about having sex with her boyfriend. Maybe that's a little weird? But it gets me totally hot!



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