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Family Massage

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I got to enjoy a cfnm fantasy finally


Me and my wife went to my sister-in-laws for the Thanksgiving holiday, I had no expectations of anything exciting happening. During the meal the conversation turned to massages and my sister-in-law Janet, (fake name), said she had a table that she rarely used, I asked if my wife could borrow it as my back was bothering me. That was the last I thought of it until my wife told me Janet called and said she would show her how to use the massage table if we were interested.

We went over the next night and the table was set out and Janet was dressed in loose sweats as was my wife. There never seemed to be anything sexual between me and Janet and my sex life with my wife was slowly dying. I masterbate often, sometimes in front of my wife but she rarely pays attention. Back to the story, Janet told me to get completely undressed and put on the towel she had there while she and my wife got the lotion. I quickly stripped down and found the small hand towel I was supposed to cover myself with, while standing there completely naked my wife Beth and Janet came back in. Janet was looking right at my crotch while Beth told me to get on the table and put the towel on. I have had a few fantasies about being naked in front of women and I started to get hard so I quickly lay on my stomach.

The massage started normally with Janet showing Beth how to rub my shoulders and back, but as they got lower it got more interesting. Janet asked if I wanted my butt massaged as she removed the towel before I could answer. It was amazing to feel two sets of hands rubbing my ass and one or both of the girls would occasionly let their hand go between my legs and rub my balls. I was extremely hard by now and had to adjust myself several times, Janet commenting that I was really enjoying the massage. they next worked on my legs, moving up and down, one on each side. Janet seemed to concentrate on my inner thigh, again touching me and making me squirm. my wife must have noticed because she too would spend extra time on my thigh, butt and balls.

I was the told to roll onto my back, I tried to get the towel to cover my hard on but Janet moved it out of my way and my wife asked why I was being shy when I usually like to show off my dick. Janet was looking at my erect dick and again commented on how much I was enjoying it. Janet and Beth were teasing me by working on my chest and legs and occassionally brushing my dick. They seemed like they were finished and each stood on a side of the table with a hand on my upper thigh, Janet could not seem to take her eyes off my dick which was now covered in precum, she asked who would finish the massage and Beth said I usually enjoyed taking care of myself and handed me the lotion. I was in heaven as I was finally living out my cfnm fantasy. I slowly stroked my dick trying to make it last as long as I could, but having two women watching and occassionly rubbing my legs and balls it was too much and I exploded all over my stomach. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. Beth handed me the towel and told me to clean up and get dressed, Janet gave my softening dick a light squeeze and told me to fold up the table and bring it down stairs. I do not know if this was something the sisters planned or if it just happened, but I am looking forward to the next massage.



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