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Eye Contact

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When I crossed the border and the guard asked me where I was going I momentarily considered telling him the truth. 'Well sir, I'm driving down to masturbate with this very hot man I met about three years ago'. Ok, probably not the best idea given that they have no real personality in those little booths.
Driving down the highway towards my destination I felt the excitement and anticipation building. Thinking back three years ago to when we had met, I remembered how fiery the energy had been between us. But although I had discussed this exploration with my husband at that time, and was intent to follow through with my desire and passion....circumstances proved that it was not meant to be the time for this experience. Now that my marriage had come to and end, and I had established email contact again...after some hot, erotic email exchanges we were going to meet.
My yoni was throbbing, and shocks of adrenaline pumped through my system periodically as I remembered how strong the desire had been when we initially connected after meeting at a party.
I rubbed my hand across my nipples and enjoyed the tightening of my yoni. I squeezed my muscles together and pulled the energy up into my body, enjoying the tingling sensation and squirming in the car seat. Oh....my fingers couldn't stay away, I slipped my hand into my pants and felt my swollen clitoris, rubbing gently to increase the warmth spreading through my pelvis.
I usually enjoy long drives, but it suddenly felt as though there were so many miles ahead yet.
And eventually, I was approaching the ferry, but a bit disoriented...my cell rang. 'Where are you?' he asked. Something about his voice, the vibration raised in body. I laughed. 'You must be my psychic Global Positioning Device, I was just going to ask someone for directions.' As he guided me to the turns I should take, I drank in the vibration of his voice...and again my hand slid between my legs to massage my clitoris, bringing the sensation just up one more notch.
We thought we'd figured out my ETA, and shortly after I disconnected the call...I arrived at the ferry dock just in time to catch the earlier ride. Interestingly enough...he wasn't at home when I arrived. The patio door was slightly ajar, so I let myself in, calling his name. Hoping it was the right place I wandered into a couple of rooms. I recognized a couple of erotic photos hanging on the walls from prior emails. Ok, right place...just chill - he'll be back soon. I relaxed on the couch, enjoying the rising sense of anticipation. What WAS this afternoon going to bring. How would this connection feel moved from the fantasy to the physical reality about to unfold? I was slipping into an erotic dreamlike state, gently rubbing my mound, when I heard footsteps on the path outside. He rushed in and dropped to the floor in front of me. 'How did that happen?' he laughed.
So...here we were. Whew. I felt somewhat tongue tied and a bit awkward. It had been years since I had gone to someone's home specifically to connect sexually. I'd forgotten the protocol. My monogamous marriage had lasted for 12 years. This was completely new territory for me and I felt nervous and excited. My skin felt hypersensitive and craved touch. And yet, I was grateful he moved to the other side of the room... I wanted to savour the anticipation, to look at his face, to feel my rising desire. We talked a bit...and then he moved closer. My hands and tongue wanted to explore his body before touching my own....and I reached out to connect with his skin, to taste his flesh. A few exploratory moments went by, then he directed us to his bedroom.
As I entered, absorbing the chair in the corner, the mirror against the wall in the other many possible scenarios leapt into my mind. I found myself drawn to the chair. 'Do you like to fuck large things, or small?' he asked me. Across the room was a beautifully carved wooden dildo with a long curved handle. He brought it to me as I undressed and sat back on the chair. I began to run my hands over my body as he prepared the dildo for me. My nipples were so hard, and my yoni swollen with anticipation and desire. Pinching my nipples lightly I ran my hand along my inner thighs, now so sensitive...and slipped a finger inside my yoni bringing the juices to my mouth. I love the taste of yoni juice, mine...other women's. Rubbing my clitoris now, I took the dildo from him and began to slide it gently inside me as he rubbed his lingham.
'Thank you' he whispered as it disappeared deeply inside me. I was pumping it deep, searching for that sweet spot where the electricity flows from, the gasps build from. Watching him stroke his beautiful penis I was entranced - and began to rub harder. Putting aside the dildo now...I slipped a hand behind me to stroke the skin between my vagina and anus. There are such amazing sensations that spread from there. He was stroking faster and my arousal was peaking....my eyes closed as I lost myself in my sensations. 'Open your eyes if you want to see me', and as I did his cum poured into his cupped hand. As I watched him lift his hand to his mouth and drink his cum my vagina contracted with incredible intensity.
Rubbing my clitoris harder, I felt the pre-orgasm stage taking me beyond my body to an expanded awareness. Pulling my breath deep into my body....my eyes closed again for a few moments as I was lost in my sensations. When I opened them again, he was gazing at me, staring deeply into my eyes drinking in my pleasure as deeply as he had drank his own cum.
'Touch my nipples...please', I found myself pleading...my nipples are like my second and third clitoris and my orgasms are so much more intense if they are involved. He reached up with one hand and pinched a nipple, stroking my thigh with the other.
I was feeling so vulnerable, so exposed...never had I been so witnessed in my own pleasure.
The waves of orgasm crashed over me and I gave myself over to the beauty of my feelings, the deep brown of his eyes, the healing power of loving myself and sharing that so openly.



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