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Extra 'Pair' of Hands

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Well to start off, im a girl who loves to play around with stuff and experiment and try new things, sexually also ;)

On with the story.....

One day (a somewhat hot day at that) after i had come home from doing the general shopping as i had recently moved out of home and the place wasnt exactly homey it needed a bit of cleaning up, dishes was the first thing

I just put the water in and put on the gloves, the phone rang and without thinking, left the gloves on, anyway during the call (couple minutes tops) i started to get itchy in the groin so i just stuck my free hand down my pants (as you do, well i do since no one else was around) and gave a little scratch, i realised i had the gloves on then but i felt a funny sensation, almost exciting, so after i hung up, i pulled my pants down a bit and had a bit of a rub.

After about 5 minutes i was really getting aroused and turned on by the sensation of the gloves, then i go check the bags that i brought all my shopping in to see if i had any more as i normally tend to get two or 3 of the one thing at times just incase there is something wrong with one of em

i saw there were 3 other pairs of gloves in one of the bags, all different, i must of been in a state of didnt know which to get and so just got whatever.

So with one gloved hand at my pussy i picked up the other pairs of gloves and went to my room as thats the only place i wasnt really prone to visitors and such. the wardrobe sliding doors had glass on them so i could basically see everything i was doing so i thought this was a good opportunity to experiment

i shut the door and locked it (why i do that i dont know, force of habit i guess :P) and sat on the floor, legs up and facing the sliding cupboard doors and played away

It was a fairly hot day and my room was hot due to being closed up most of the morning so i stripped down to well just gloves.

I have a rather 'Decent Chest' as my boyfriend at the time would say, being a 36DD, id say i was decent too, anyway back to the story, i opened one of the other packets of gloves and started rubbing them around my pussy and clit and so forth while wearing a pair, and i was really into it then, breathing heavily and well really wet in more ways than one. I got one of the free gloves and put one on my right breasts, still facing the mirrored doors i grabbed the doona cover from my bed and put it underneath me so i wouldnt get carpet burn

i started moving back and forth while fingering myself and the glove on my breast slowly moving, when it fell off i put it back on and grabbed the other one and continued on, by that stage i was orgasming but i just had to have more and try other ways as thats what i like to do.

I took off my now sweat filled pair of gloves i was wearing and opened the 3rd pair, this lot had more of a textured and grip feel to it which excited me more, i had one hand on my crotch, rubbing back and forth over my whole genital area and the other hand rubbing my breasts alternatly.

after what seemed like an hour of rubbing and fingering and heaving and moaning and so forth i finally stopped. dripping in sweat and the doona cover pretty much in the same state i was in, i chucked that in the washing machine and went for a shower.

I had one last idea, i still had one pair of gloves left, so just before i got in, i grabbed the last pair and put them on and jumped in the shower. The gloves initially had a slippery kinda surface to them except where the grip part were. i slowly started rubbing over my breasts again, nipples still erect i got really excited again, and one hand slid down to thigh area, rubbing inside thighs then eventually i was fingering myself again, at that stage i thought if i were to continue, to be safe i would have to go in the bath, so i filled up the bath, only about half way jumped in and continued on my orgasmic way.

i was in the bath at least half an hour, but with the sensation of the gloves and the water and just everything else i didnt care, i finally had one big moan and orgasm and i was done, i dried off and collapsed on the couch odly enough still naked and wearing gloves. i fell asleep on the couch as i had a busy day yesterday anyway and didnt get much sleep during the night.

i woke up about 15 - 20 mins later to realise my boyfriend at the time was coming home soon, so i grabbed the gloves from my room and chucked them under the sink and the now cold sink water was still there so i drained the sink, gave the dishes a wipe down as they were basically clean anyway from soaking when my b/f came through the door.

i still was starkers without realising it, and in my surprise i attempt to covermyself with my hands by putting one over my crotch and one arm over my breasts.

and that ends the solo story :P

what happened next, thats for another time :P

mind you before hand i would of never thought of using gloves for masturbation, i just used either my hand, or a dildo/vibrator and that was it

I am single these days but i always have an extra pair of hands :P



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