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Exquisite Ache

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This is my first submission.

I was thinking about writing this last night, but well, upon having those musings, I ended up with, ahem, OTHER things to attend to.

Anyhow, enjoy.


I wanted to share the story of the first time I found Solo Touch, about two months ago. I hadn't masturbated like that in a long, long time.


One afternoon at home alone, I found myself suddenly, inexplicably horny. Hey, it happens. I'm a dude, after all, still and young enough to get a hard-on almost instantly. Lol.

I was just sitting on my couch, reading (and it wasn't even anything titillating!) and I found myself staring into space, thinking about how it might be nice to jack off.

As soon as I thought about this, my cock started to respond. I could feel it slowly growing harder, making the skinny jeans I tend to wear a little *too* tight. I reached down to adjust myself, make things a little more comfortable, and even just touching myself that little bit made me gasp. I rubbed a little harder, and oh god, it felt so good.

I leaned back against the couch cushions, still rubbing myself through my jeans, breathing a bit faster, eyes closed.

I don't wear underwear when I'm wearing pants like this, it's kind of impossible, so I could feel every ridge of my cock, from the veins that stood out a bit, down to the ridge of the head. I skimmed my fingers along the length of it, a moan slipping from my lips as I felt my cock throb. It was aching already; I hadn't jacked off in a few days, and I really, really needed to come.

Finally, after a couple more minutes of this, I decided to visit the computer to really enjoy this; I had time so why not use it?

As I walked through the house to my room, I stripped off my clothing. Once my cock was free from the confines of my pants, I had to stop for a moment to catch my breath.

Have you ever tried to walk with a raging hard-on? It's...well, a singular experience, let me tell you. It was hard, hot, throbbing, and I wanted nothing more than to stand right where I was and stroke the ache out of my cock, my balls, bring myself to a shattering orgasm...but no, I wanted to make this last.

I couldn't help but fondle my balls a bit as I moved slowly through my house. Oh god, that nearly undid me right there; they were so heavy, so tight...fuck.

(and I need to tell you right now that I am so fucking hard as I write this...I am exercising every bit of willpower to just finish writing and then I will read some stories and rub my cock till it explodes. Oh god, I'd better keep going before I lose control...)

I somehow made it to my computer and sat down. I began to bring up various videos of men jerking off...oh yes, have I told you about how the absolute hottest thing, the thing that can bring me off in seconds if I let it, is stories and videos of men jacking off until they come? Women can do it for me too, but something about watching and reading about men stroking their hard shafts, moaning and shaking as they let their cum fly...god, it's hot.

(okay, I had to stop and stroke myself for a little bit just now...feels so good...but shit, I need to finish this)

The thing is, I had seen most of the good videos already; I had just been on a site a couple of days ago. So I began to search stuff. And upon typing 'masturbation stories', lo and behold, the first story that came up was one on Solo Touch.

So I clicked on it and read it.

And read. And read. And read.

Good lord, *what* had I found here??

Before I knew it, I had been reading for about an hour, edging the entire time.

My entire lower body ached, a nearly unbearable, throbbing burn that was driving me to distraction.

(kind of like right now...I can feel my untouched, neglected, desperate cock pulsing in time with my heartbeat. My balls are drawn up so tight, and they are so warm...when I finally allow myself to come, I'm gonna pass out, I swear!)

I had no idea how I had held off my orgasm for so long, but finally, I had to let go. I clicked on one of the stories in the archive, stroking slowly, running my fingers over the slick, wet tip, spreading the precum down along my frenulum, my breath coming in gasps.

I was dripping by now, and my cock was rigid to the point of pain. But it was a *good* hurt, you know? I wanted to relieve that pain so, so badly, but I also wanted to stay on the edge for as long as I could. But in the end, my need to give in took over.

(I'm almost there...god, so hard...)

Finally, reading a story about a man who, as a teen, spent a summer mutually masturbating his best friend, I gripped my rock-hard shaft and stroked hard, cupping my incredibly tight, heavy balls in my other hand.

When I read about this man's hot, shuddering orgasm, it brought me over the edge. I massaged my balls, at the same time giving my cock one more hard stroke, and then I was coming hard, so fucking hard it hurt. I moaned (pretty loud, I have to admit) and began to shoot. My throbbing cock pumped out spurt after spurt of hot cum, the first shot hitting my chin, the next few covering my stomach as I continued to massage my still tight balls, feeling the aching slowly fade away, leaving me warm, sated, satisfied.

(Hold on...I'm coming...fuck)

So, needless to say, I have since bookmarked this site, and I come to it pretty much every time I want to feel this exquisite ache.

(wow. That was...yeah. I'll definitely share more stories soon...)

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I, uh, enjoyed writing it.



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