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Explosive Fleshlight Experience

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A recent and incedible experience masturbating with my Fleshlight.


I don't want to sound like a cheap sales pitch for the Fleshlight, but I have to admit that my jack-off sessions have been incredible since I bought my Fleshlight back in September of last year. For those guys who don't know about the Fleshlight, it's a sex toy that's moulded like a real vagina, mouth, or anus and made out of this soft rubber material that feels like real human flesh. It comes in a plastic case that looks like a flashlight, thus the funny name.

Anyway, after reading lots of reviews from satisfied users I decided that I should buy my own. I figured that since I jack off every day anyway, it would be money well spent even though it's kind of expensive.

I've been masturbating with it regularly ever since I got it, and have enjoyed some amazing sessions. I wish I had bought the thing ten years ago! I vividly remember my first orgasm using it. While I was ejaculating, I could feel my cock pulsing and spasming inside it, all the way from the base to the tip. I had purposely not jacked off for two or three days before in order to make it a really good session and I shot a huge load of cum inside the Fleshlght.

Since then, I have rarely used my hand to masturbate, as the Fleshlight feels so much better, though I do like to occasionally use my hand to do a sort of twisting or unscrewing motion on the head of my cock just before I cum. It seems to heighten the sensation of the orgasm.

I usually masturbate at night before I go to sleep, as I find it helps me relax and drains away all the stress of the day. Most of the time, I will cum inside the Fleshlight and then turn out the light and go to sleep (I wash out the Fleshlight the next morning as part of my morning routine of showering, shaving, etc.).

The other night, however, I was surfing porn on the Internet and casually jacking off with my Fleshlight. I love to edge when I have lots of time to devote to jacking, repeatedly bringing myself to the edge of an orgasm and then backing off to build up my load and enhance the pleasure. Anyway, I looked at the clock at one point and realised that I had been going at it for over an hour and a half, and my cock was actually starting to hurt a little, I needed to come so much.

At this point, I decided to shut off the computer and finish myself off on the bed. I propped up some pillows and was lying there sliding my lubed-up Fleshlight up and down my cock which was hard as a rock and quite red by this time. As I felt my balls get tight and my cum rising, I started furiously fucking the Fleshlight, thrusting my hips up to meet each downward stroke and listening to my balls slap against the fleshy material. However, instead of simply shooting my load into the Fleshlight like normal, I pulled if off and wrapped my hand around my dick and kept on stroking.

I kept up the rapid pace of my stroking and started doing that unscrewing motion over my cockhead, flipping my thumb back and forth over the tip and massaging the underside of my penis where the head meets the shaft. Then I decided to cum.

I usually shoot a decent-sized load and can make it to my shoulder or upper chest most of the time, but this orgasm was fucking amazing. The first two big shots flew past my head and I heard them hit the headboard. Two other shots hit the pillows beside my head, and another shot hit me on the lower cheek. I couldn't count the remaining shots, but I could see that I had drenched my chest and stomach in semen and had more oozing down my shaft and hand.

I just lay there for a minute catching my breath and enjoying the buzz you get after an amazing orgasm like that, but it was soon time to wipe the cum off the headboard and pillows, and I had to hit the shower, as there was simply too much jizz on me to clean up with tissues.

If you jack off on a regular basis, I would highly recommend shelling out the money for a Fleshlight. It's expensive and can be a bit heavy on lube usage, but it's an amazing way to get off, and you'll get your money's worth out of it. Believe me, a combination of a Fleshlight and an hour or two of dedicated edging can easily lead to one of the best orgasms of your life.



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