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Exploring Our Pussies At The Beach

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I love to masturbate with my Mermaid Sister


My family stays at a campground by the beach every summer. A few years ago, the summer I turned thirteen, I made friends with another girl there around the same age named Anneliese. She had honey brown hair and brown eyes and I'll admit I was envious of the freckles scattered over her nose.

One day I woke up in my tent and it was already hot. After lunch my parents wouldn't let us go to the beach because the sun was so strong we'd surely fry. So Anneliese and I gathered some books and a pack of cards and scrambled through the trees to a little grassy cubby hole we'd found the day before.

It was so private in there. There was the sound of the waves crashing and the deafening cicadas and there was the heat but we were shaded and enclosed by the scrubby windswept bushes and leaves.

We sat on the cool ground and played game after game of cards, giggling and accusing each other of cheating (we both were). Anneliese noticed a card I had stashed up the leg of my shorts and she pounced forward, grabbing at my shorts and tickling me. Laughing and shrieking, I wrestled and tickled her back.

Anneliese managed to reach up the leg of my shorts. The offending card had fallen to the ground by that point but her hand kept groping up, grabbing at the inside of my thigh. Before I knew it, her hand had slipped under the crotch of my underpants and her fingers were exploring my pussy.

I stopped fighting and spread my thighs a little wider. I could feel Anneliese's fingertips brushing through my pubic hair and parting my pussy lips. She tickled over the inside of my slit. There was nothing systematic about the way she touched me but just feeling another person's fingers playing with my pussy was heavenly.

My hand felt its way to Anneliese's crotch and I touched her pussy over her shorts. I could feel the lumps and bumps of her mound and pussy lips. She spread her knees a little too and I could feel that her pussy lips had opened. I touched her soft little button through her shorts.

We stopped momentarily so we could both pull our shorts off and I showed my naked hairy pussy to another person for the first time. My underpants were soaking with sweat and pussy wetness. Anneliese's pussy was covered in light brown curly hair and her pink parts were swollen and pushing out between her hairy lips. I could see she was damp and slippery too.

We spent the afternoon with our knees spread apart, exploring each other's pussies with our fingers and eyes, it was all about the swollen magic between our legs. We were both wetter down there than we'd ever been before and we diddled our clits, giggling at the sounds of our sloppy soft pussies. I was touching my clit, watching Anneliese do the same when suddenly an orgasm hit me that was so intense I thought I was going to pee. So Anneliese rubbed her clit faster and soon doubled over panting, her legs still spread so I could see how her pussy pulsed and twitched through her orgasm.

After that Anneliese and I were inseparable. When we went swimming we'd shove our hands down the front of each other's swim suits under the water and go "exploring" in the rock pools and or up in the cliff caves for hours at a time. We called each other our "Mermaid Sister". Our families became friends and thought it was cute how attached Anneliese and I had become. Since then, to our pleasure, we've all organised to go camping there at the exact same time every year. It's coming up to summer here in the southern hemisphere. I can't wait to see Anneliese. I'm going to give her the biggest hug then run with her to the rock pools and pull her pants off. I'm aching to touch her hairy wet pink pussy.



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