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Explorer Scouts

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This happened when I was a 17 year old Explorer Scout.


Back in the early 70's I was an Explorer Scout. Explorer! They got that name right! haha

My friend Mark and I moved up into the Explorer Scouts together. Our group was closely connected with a Cub Scout pack that used the same facilities. At every summer campout the Cubs would go on, two Explorers would go along with them to help both the scouts and the pack leaders. I guess we were like leaders in training. My friend Mark had already gone for his campout, and one night I got chosen to go on the next one. The other Explorer chosen was Greg. His dad was one of the leaders. Mark looked at me with a really sly grin and I asked him what that was all about. He said 'You're gonna have a great time.'

The deal was this: the morning after the Cubs' campout, after breakfast the scouts walk a mile back to the road where the bus is and they were driven home by Greg's dad. The two Explorers remained behind and helped gather up all the equipment and then Greg's dad would return with their family car and pick up all the stuff and the two Explorers. Getting all the stuff together was too much for the Cubs themselves. They would learn to do that when they moved up into the Boy Scout division.

So Greg and I walked with all the scouts and leaders back to the bus and they left. Greg's dad said he'd be back for us in about two and a half hours. As we were walking back I asked Greg how long it would take to get all the stuff together. He said he'd done it so many times he had it down to a science and we'd be done in twenty minutes. I asked him what we did with the rest of the time and he said 'just take it easy and relax.' That sounded fine to me. On the way back, Greg took off his shirt because it was pretty hot that morning.

Now Greg looked like what would later be called a 'surfer dude'. Long blond hair, tall and skinny. He was definitely a handsome 17 year old.

We got back to the campsite and got all the stuff together. Then Greg said we could go back and lie down in the tent until his dad arrived. By then, we had more than an hour and a half to kill. We laid down on top our sleeping bags and in a minute Greg said 'It's really warm, I'm taking the rest of this off.' So he stripped off his shorts and underwear and lay there in the buff. I glanced over at him and he had the longest dick I had ever seen! I must have had a look of shock on my face and Greg smiled and said 'Yeah, I get that a lot. It's pretty big.' I wasn't brave enough to take off my shorts (I had taken off my shirt when I laid down) and as I was looking at Greg's incredible tool, I started to get very hard. I put my head down and was facing Greg but I made sure that he couldn't see my eyes because I just kept staring at his large cock. It couldn't have been more than a minute when it started moving. He was getting a hard on! It kept moving up and back and finally it was pointed up to his chest and went past his belly button. That thing had to be like nine inches. Greg must have known I was watching because he turned to me and then I looked him straight in the eye. 'Like it?' he asked. 'Oh my gosh it's huge!' I said. 'You can touch it if you want' he said. I really wanted to and so I reached out my hand to go towards it, and then Greg grabbed my hand and said, 'but only if you take off your shorts and I get to touch yours too. Fair is fair.' At that point I didn't care, I wanted to touch his so bad.

I took off my shorts and briefs. He was looking intently at my raging hard on but I couldn't imagine why he would have been interested in mine with that thing he had! Mine was three or four inches shorter for sure. 'Can I touch it now?' I asked. 'Go ahead' he said, 'and while you're there, don't just touch it, stroke it for me.' I ran my fingers up and down his hard on and his balls and I felt his hand go around my boner too. We started to stroke each other. He put some spit into his hand and went back to stroking mine. Oh god did that feel good. I had only used my hand dry when I was jacking off. So I put some spit on my fingers and went back to stroking him. Within a few minutes I shot cum and it kept cumming out in several shots. I was almost dizzy from that awesome orgasm. There was sticky white stuff all over both of us. I kept stroking Greg's great hard on and he got all tense and started arching his back. Suddenly he just exploded with cum that shot against the back wall of the tent and then all over Greg. I had never seen that much cum in my life. His body kept spasming and spasming while I kept stroking. Finally he moved my hand away and said that was enough.

Now we had a little more to clean up! An hour later his dad arrived and we packed and went home. When I saw Mark later that day he smiled at me widely, winked, and said 'Did you and Greg have fun?' I guessed by now that the same thing happened earlier that summer when he and Greg did their campout together. All I could say was 'Wow!' Mark then told me that Greg had the reputation of introducing all the Explorers to jack off sessions and some of them continued with each other. I asked Mark if he did it yet with other guys and he said 'No, I was waiting for you because I wanted to do it with you first.'

That night we got together and told each other our 'Greg story'. Apparently the 'Greg story' was pretty much the same with everyone. All he had to do was show it and get hard while you watched. The rest was predictable. Mark and I became jackoff buddies and both of us also jacked off with other Explorers who had been initiated by Greg. I got to go on a couple other campouts with Greg but those times we also included a session the night before as well.

Explorers - yeah we were! haha



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