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Exhibition of Erotic Art

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Never really got interested in art until now.


A few weeks ago I went to a most unusual erotic art exhibition. I've been to some, but none like this before.

It was managed very discreetly, by invitation only. I don't remember seeing this advertised so must have been privately organized by one or more gentlemen's clubs. My friend Tom (not his real name), who has contacts in the London art world where kinkiness is encouraged, was the one who invited me. Apparently this was going to be a photo exhibition of voyeuristic art.

When Tom and I arrived that evening, the visitors were nearly all well-dressed men, though a rather hard-faced woman was in the foyer enforcing an appropriate standard of dress. The first thing that surprised me was a sign saying discreet masturbation was permitted but no touching anyone else without their consent. This made me nervous, but, as it turned out, I needn't have worried.

The gallery was a bit more crowded than at most exhibitions, but there was still plenty of room. At first it seemed just like any other art show, with people quietly standing around contemplating the enlarged glossy blowups, mostly of upskirts and women and men of a variety of ages in inviting poses, usually revealing their underwear and even genitals. This was really in-your-face art! Thankfully there were no children in any of them. The pictures were more factual than artistic, aimed at arousal rather than creativity. Someone had placed boxes of paper tissues, lubricant sachets and wastepaper bins in the corners.

As I watched, some guys were touching their crotches as if they hoped no one would notice, though most were looking nervously around, waiting to see who would be game enough to go further. Then I heard someone say 'Do you mind?' followed by the reply 'Go ahead, isn't that what we're here for?' I heard a zipper being unfastened, looked and saw a man in his forties open his trousers. The pink head of his penis poked out. He walked around with no shame, giving everyone a good look, and by the time he returned, he was more erect and I was amazed at how thick it was. Apart from that monster between his legs, he might have been your average real estate agent.

This broke the ice a bit, and soon more guys had their penises out and were stroking them in front of the pictures. Tom winked at me and said 'Shall we show them?' Although I hadn't seen Tom's before I bravely agreed. Tom's turned out to be fairly long but thin and uncircumcised, and I heard a man say 'Nice' as he showed it.

I was about to pull mine out when I noticed a woman in her mid-thirties in a canary yellow dress standing by a pillar with some other well-dressed ladies, possibly partners of the guys here, who were too shy to join them. Her face seemed familiar, and then I recalled she was featured in two of the upskirts on show, one showing her standing over the camera in a really sexy pair of crotchless panties. I made my way over to her and asked if it was really her. 'Yep, it's me,' she replied, laughing. 'Wanna see them again?'

I said yes please, she pulled up her skirt and there they were, framing her pussy slit. Some of the other women seemed disapproving, but none of them moved away. She introduced herself as Rita and, pointing to my crotch, said 'You haven't shown me if you like them.' How could I refuse? With trembling knees I exposed myself before her and the other women. Rita's act immediately drew the attention of others and within a couple of minutes the group of women were surrounded by about a dozen penises, including at least one belonging to a partner.

Rita lapped up the admiration and suggested that the other ladies put on a show. One matronly woman pulled up her skirt, stepped out of her panties, stuffed them into her handbag and showed us her bush, while another exposed her breasts. Then the woman we had met at the door came over, said 'Hi, boys', and took off everything except her corset, suspender belt, stockings and shoes.

By this time many men were groaning and trying to hold off coming. Lubricant was being passed around as Tom and I happily wanked side by side watching Rita and the lady with the hairy bush fingering themselves. Behind them I saw another couple walk in, their jaws dropping with shock. Fully erect now, I could not keep my eyes off her while I masturbated. I heard her say, giggling, 'I didn't expect this', then she walked around fully dressed, inspecting us, while her husband seemed more interested in the ladies' bums. By now, several men had disobeyed the dress standard and some wore only socks and shoes. It was like being at a flashers' exhibition. Then Tom suddenly ejaculated, copiously, into a tissue.

This seemed like a general signal, and several other guys came in short succession, some squirting on their shoes and others standing nearby. The woman who was last to arrive undid her bra and fingered a nipple with one hand while rubbing herself under her dress with the other. She seemed to be staring into space. Then her husband called out to her 'Show them you're not wearing any panties, darling.' She did exactly that. And that's when I came. My knees were so weak I could barely stand up afterwards.

Tom and I didn't stay much longer now we had climaxed, though it was getting pretty hot with some guys masturbating each other, and even Rita and the older one in stockings and suspenders lending a hand. Apart from giving way to our sexual feelings we were all fairly well behaved that night, thanked our hosts and put our names down for the next exhibition. So far I haven't heard of one being organized, but I'd certainly like to meet Rita again.



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