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Ex Country Practice

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I had joined the team my sophomore year, mostly to get a chance to see guy's dicks in the showers, as I really wasnt much of a runner. Practice involved pairing up, and then hitting the streets around town in various size groups. I usually paired up with Ken, who was using cross country to get in shape for the wrestling season in the winter. Kenny had a perfect body, and was the object of my jo sessions. He had a long fat dick that curved slightly to the left, and when it swayed back and forth as he walked to the showers, it was all I could do to stop popping wood. He had huge nipples, kinda like Chad Michael Murray's nipples... the biggest I had ever seen on a guy, a real turnon for me. We used to run through Ken's neighborhood, and usually stopped at his house for a drink and a snack, as his Mom worked, and we had the house to ourselves. That day it was a really hot Monday in September, and we were both running shirtless, and Kenny was talking about how he had almost gotten laid on Saturday night. He went into all the juicy details about sucking her tits, fingering her, but when she felt his dick, she told him that he was too big for her. she ended up giving him a handjob. By the time we got to his house I had a raging hardon. I was wearing a jock, and my dick was very uncomfortable in the tight confines. I told Ken... 'Shit man you gave me a boner with that story, and this jock is ripping the shit outta my dick'. He laughed at me, then reached over and grabbed my crotch. 'Holy shit! you ARE hard!' Then he started talking about how guys get boners sometimes when wrestling with all the crotch grabbing, and how uncomfortable it is. Then he shocked me by grabbing my dick again, and saying 'Well we better take care of this, cuz aint no way you can run back to school this way'.

He led me to the family room couch, pulled down his shorts and jock, and started playing with his slab of meat. In no time he was a full 8' hard, a good 3' longer than me, and much thicker. It had that same curve I loved peeking at when he was in the showers, in no time I had my shorts and jock around my ankles, staring at his cock. 'Holy Shit!... no wonder Alison wouldnt let you fuck her... youre huge!' I stammered. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock, and said, jerk me off, then I'll do you. I stroked him slowly, and he closed his eyes, and threw his head back. After a couple of minutes, he opened his eyes, and said that the rythym wasnt working for him, and he moved over and sat down between my legs and leaned his back into my chest. He said do me like this, the angle of your hand will be more like I'm used to. My cock was pressed against his back, my right hand wrapped his glorious meat, my left hand rubbing those huge nipples to hardness, and his head leaned back on my shoulder with his eyes closed. He starting moaning slightly as I stroked and rubbed his chest, thrusting his hips back and forth with my strokes. This caused my dick to start leaking against the friction of his back. as he got closer, his breathing increased, as did his hip thrusting, and we both came quickly. We sat there for a bit, cum everywhere, and caught our breaths. He grabbed his t-shirt, and mopped up our cum, then stood up, pulled up his shorts, and said we better head back.

We ended up becoming regular jo buddies through the rest of the season. But to this day, I've never had a stronger or more intense orgasm as that first time with Ken.



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