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Every Day

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Now that I live alone and have a new, thick, wide, comfortable bed, I masturbate frequently, at least twice a day.

In the morning, when the urge hits me, I drop my sweats and underpants and step out of them. I turn back my top sheets and covers a third of the way. sunlight is streaming in through the window. I place my pillows at the head of my bed and get my porn down from the closet shelf. I am fond of a magazine called tight, the models are college-age, fresh-faced and smiling, inviting you to look at them as they pose for you. No men, no sleaze, no nastiness or coercion, they get me terrifically excited. I also have some printed material, almost all of it favorite stories from Solo Touch.

I crawl into bed and pull the covers back up to my crotch, they are soft and heavy, sensual and comfy. I have already stacked up five tissues, and these I lay on my lower belly to absorb my sperm. I settle my head back on my pillows and start feeling my cock, gently stroking the shaft and feeling my balls. If I've already masturbated several times that day, I'll have powdered my palm and cock so my hand slides easily.

I start flipping through the pages of the magazine. I know I'm getting excited when I start to talk and moan, 'oh, yeah...' I'll flip the pages back and forth until I find a woman and a pose that particularly excites me. Sometimes I'll start talking to her: 'do you see what you're doing to me? do you want me to? oh, I love you, I love you!' then sometimes fantasies will kick in.

A year or so ago I visited a friend in another city I had not seen for some time, we would often talk of our porn preferences. He has magazines but also lots of movies and, since we only had a few hours one afternoon, we decided to watch some of them.

He was seated next to the TV and I was behind him on a stool, he's a breast and large woman fancier, and we started with a video of a woman with a beautiful body with a sweet face and welcoming disposition. She was sitting on a couch masturbating women masturbating have always been a huge turn-on for me, as are bare feet. As she spread her knees wide and closed her eyes, I told my friend, 'I have to get to work. I can only watch this stuff for so long'. 'paper towels, napkins or tissues?' he asked. 'tissues', I said, and he brought out a box of puffs, the softest, my favorites. I removed five, flattened them on top of one another, opened my pants, positioned them between my cock and my underpants, and started rubbing. 'here I go', I moaned, and rubbed harder as I came, the tissues making a rapid rustling sound. It didn't take me long to orgasm watching her finger herself into a frenzy. My friend, to my amazement, just sat there, not touching himself at all, tho' he later told me that he did orgasm once. There was a lot of wet sperm and I discarded the tissues and we kept watching.

Somewhat later, he had another model, a 38G with her friend. They had their blouses off and were on their hands and knees facing the camera, swaying their large breasts from side to side. She said, 'I hope you've got your hands in your pants!' mine had remained unzipped, and I was feeling myself steadily if discreetly, but that was all I had to hear. Five more tissues were laid on top of one another and wrapped around my stiff penis. I started rubbing rapidly underneath the head and within a minute, my breath came hard and I came again, jerking in the stool and grunting and sighing a little, though' I tried to be quiet, my friend remained still, watching the movies.

Later, with a boy and two girls fucking away, I came a third time, though' it took five minutes of rubbing to get me there. After that, our time was up and I was spent.

I wish my friend had caressed himself to orgasm, and often, when I get close to coming looking at the models in the magazines, I imagine him with his pants down, his prick stiff, white and veined, his hand swiftly jerking up and down, his legs spread and his head thrown back as he moans and comes, sperm shooting up high in small, wet drops and dripping down his shaft and fist as he continues working rapidly, his prick stiff, sticky and throbbing.

Then I'll come myself, 'ooh, oh', my head moving from side to side, trying to keep my eyes open to see the first spurt of sperm and hoping it will go some distance, although just seeing it pearl up and pulse forward is exciting enough. and I'll ride my orgasm out, rubbing, panting, groaning, gulping, feeling the sliminess and immense pleasure as the throbs and pulsations slowly subside, slowly wringing my cock through every last spasm.

I live for these sessions.

Away I go now, you know exactly what I'm going to do, but today, perhaps thoughts of you reading this will heighten my enjoyment even further.



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