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Every 18-year-olds Dream Teacher

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This is an absolutely true story. I would give anything to go back in time to relive it.


When I was eighteen I was fully grown physically, and worked out a lot, so I was in good shape and the girls seemed to like me. I was 6'3' tall with an athletic build, and like all eighteen-year-olds I was permanently horny.

I went to an all male school, so the only contact we had with the opposite sex during the day was with female teachers. So luckily for us there was an absolute drop dead stunner, a real goddess, who came to our school at the start of the new term. She was in about her late thirties to early forties, but she still had an amazing voluptuous figure, with really big natural breasts, perfect ass, long silky smooth legs and a beautiful face. A middle-aged woman in the Hollywood actress type mould, and every eighteen-year-olds fantasy.

She loved to tease our class with her gorgeous body, always wearing tight, thigh length skirts, that really showed off her incredibly gorgeous ass and legs. But the sexiest thing about her were her big, perfectly shaped natural breasts. She would usually wear very light, loose fitting jumpers that were slightly see-through, and she never wore a bra or any other garment underneath the flimsy jumper, so her beautiful big nipples were accentuated and they were always sticking out hard. I think it turned her on to stand in front of a class of horny eighteen-year-olds showing her breasts in almost see-through jumpers; knowing all our eyes were fixed on them; knowing that we would all be stroking our cocks at night thinking about her. She would stand at the front of the class, and while she talked she would casually put her hands behind her lower back and push her breasts out further, pushing her big hard nipples forward. She knew that she was giving every single one of us the biggest hard-on of our lives.

She would then walk up and down the rows of desks while she taught us, swaggering as she went, tormenting us all with her gorgeous big ass and silky long legs in her tight skirt. After only a few lessons with this teacher her teasing was too much for me, my hard-on was raging so much that I just had to touch myself. The problem was that we all sat in pairs, that is, each individual desk was sat next to one other desk to make a double desk, and there were about five columns of paired desks in the class, with each column being about six desks deep. I sat right at the front of the class in one of the centre columns, so not only did I have a classmate sitting right next to me, but I had classmates on either side of me and behind me. With so many eyes able to see me I knew it would be impossible to masturbate without at least a couple of classmates realising what I was doing, and the fact that my cock was very big for my age, at eight inches, made it even more difficult. So in the beginning I would just pretend that I needed to re-adjust myself or have a scratch (as guys do), and would take the chance to briefly touch and fondle my raging hard-on through my trousers. This went on for a couple of weeks, but every time I touched myself it felt so incredibly good that I would spend just a little longer doing it each time.

The sensations of seeing this incredibly sexy teacher wearing her almost see-through jumpers, pushing out her nipples in front of us all, and sitting provocatively across her desk right in front of me, her milky thighs deliberately parted ever so slightly, got too much for me, and what were originally very brief fondles of my raging cock had become longer, until one day I decided that I was going to make myself cum in class, right in front of my teacher, and right next to and in front of my classmates.

So before this teachers class I went to the toilets, took off my underwear, and put my silky dress trousers back on over my already growing cock. My adrenaline was pumping for what I was about to do and my legs felt weak I was so horny and nervous.

The bell rang for class and a minute later in she walks, breasts pointing out of her jumper and her usual tight, short skirt. She told us to sit down, and I became rock hard immediately. With no underwear to restrain my cock I had a huge tent in my trousers, and I used my desk to hide it by sitting as far into the desk as possible, and in doing so I had to spread my legs really wide. So right at the beginning of the class I was already in an extremely horny position, legs spread wide, no underwear on, and my eight-inch cock straining against my silky smooth trousers, while I drunk in the sight of this goddess in front of me. I had already developed the technique over the previous days of putting my fingers on my trousers at the head of my cock and folding my un-circumcised cock-head over slightly, then using an up and down motion to wank the head of my cock. It felt amazing, and I knew that I could masturbate fully with this technique without taking my cock out of my trousers and with no movement of my arm (it was just a hand movement), so I could be as discreet as possible. I would have to tease and rub myself to orgasm, rather than properly pull myself off.

So I started by just having a quick fondle hear and there with my right hand under the desk, before returning my hand back to the top, so as not to arouse too much suspicion. I was just too nervous to do any more at the start. I teased myself, as I stared at my teachers beautiful breasts, her big ass, and her creamy thighs, but I dared not touch myself for too long because I was so aware of the fact that my classmate sitting next to me could see what I was doing and I'm sure several others in the class could see too. I also caught my teacher taking quick glances at my wide-spread legs and my right hand hidden under the desk. I must have been bright red in the face with lust, and she seemed to have a gleam in her eye when she saw me. I saw from her looks that she knew I was touching my cock, and she knew it was because of the effect she was having on me.

Half way through class, I was so horny that I found the courage to start rubbing myself for longer, to start to masturbate. I knew that this was the point of no return, and there could be absolutely no doubt whatsoever now for those that could see me that I was masturbating, and it felt electrifying. My breathing became shallow and my heartbeat was beating through my head. I had to prop my left elbow on the desk and bury my mouth in my left hand, biting on my palm to control myself.

There was no going back now, I wasn't going to stop rubbing my raging cock until I had reached the orgasm that I craved so badly, and I didn't care any more who could see me. My teacher carried on giving her lesson, as I stared at her gorgeous breasts sticking out in front of me, my legs spread as wide as I could now and blatantly masturbating under my desk right at the front of the class. She knew exactly what I was doing, and I knew that she knew. She strolled down to the back of the class, swaying her ass, then walked back up the aisle I was sitting in so that she came up right behind me. I knew that she wanted to make sure that I was masturbating and she wanted to see me and I didn't stop for a second, my heart beating double time as I felt her eyes on my crotch. She hovered around behind me for a minute as she continued to talk to the class, but I knew her eyes were on me. I just kept on rubbing, I was dizzy with lust. She stood right next to me for a few seconds and turned her back to me so her sexy ass was right in front of my face, deliberately driving me crazy. She smelt so good. She then slowly sidled past me and sat provocatively across her desk right in front of me, deliberately making her skirt pull up high as she did so, exposing a dizzying amount of creamy soft thigh. She was deliberately teasing and encouraging me to wank my young cock right in front of her, as she took blatant glances at my spread legs and hidden right hand, imagining what I was doing underneath. I'm sure I saw her unconsciously lick her lips. I felt like I was in heaven.

I looked at the clock, only two minutes before the bell for the end of class. Where had the time gone? I had to cum more than anything in the world. I had to shoot every drop I had into my silky slacks for my sexy teacher. I threw away all abandon and started rubbing myself furiously, no longer subtly but with my whole arm moving. She looked at me more, parting her legs a little more and pushing out her rock hard nipples, pushing me to wank and wank and wank. She wanted me to cum for her. I could feel the shocked eyes of the whole class on my cock and moving arm, and I just wanted to push my chair back, pull my trousers down and stroke myself right in front of my horny teacher and my classmates. But I couldn't do that. My head was spinning as I could feel my cum welling up, ready to explode as I furiously rubbed myself. 20 seconds to the bell, here it comes, Oh my god, what a feeling. I shot reams of spunk into my silky trousers and my teacher couldn't take her eyes from the sight of her eighteen-year-old pupil cumming right in front of her and the whole class. She tried to keep talking but couldn't, and the whole class knew that she was watching me open-mouthed, shooting young spunk under my desk.

It was the most incredible orgasm, biting my left hand to stop any moans seeping out, and I shot so much and so hard that cum immediately seeped through my trousers and dribbled down onto my seat. My classmate next to me saw it all but never said a word.

My teacher gave me a knowing smile as she left the class and I pretended to sort my desk out to give my classmates time to leave, so I could clean the cum off my trousers and chair.

It was one of the best wanks of my life and I would give anything to go back in time to repeat it. Amazingly, that was just the beginning. I carried on masturbating in that teacher's class for the rest of the year. She knew what I was doing every time but never said anything to me. I think she enjoyed it too much and my classmates knew too, but they were just as friendly as always with me so obviously didn't mind. Maybe some of them at the back of the class were doing the same. Needless to say, I loved going to school that year.

Hope you enjoyed.



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