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Evening Drive

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Anyone else have similar experiences in high school?


It was another Friday night football game and we won. Everyone was pumped! My best friend Brian and I decided to leave the celebration party early and go riding around. We were cruising through town and discovered there wasn't much else going on, so we started driving around the countryside, enjoying the night sky, the cool fall air and each other's company.

Eventually, the conversation turned to sex and we started quizzing each other about what we had and had not done. I was totally inexperienced, but Brian said he had had a couple of sexual encounters that involved touching; that was it - he didn't give any more details than that. All this talk about sex gave me a raging hard-on, but I couldn't let Brian know. He must have noticed me trying to reposition myself because he asked if I was okay. 'Yeah, my underwear just needs some adjusting, that's all.' He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and grinned, 'Mm hmm.' I asked him if his underwear ever got uncomfortable for him and he replied, 'No, mine have this seam down the front and they aren't constricting at all.' This got me curious, because I'd never seen underwear like that. I was feeling a bit braver so I asked him if I could see. He replied, 'See? Heck you can feel them if you want!' My curiosity got the best of me and that was all it took. I reached over and put my hand down his pants to feel the seam of his underwear...going right down the underside of his 6' rock hard cock that was about to bust out of his shorts. I'll never forget the peculiar charge that hit me as I touched another cock for the first time.

Brian has blonde hair, green eyes and the most beautifully tanned, muscular body. He is about 5'9' while I am 5'10', brown hair and eyes, same size cock, but thicker. We pulled over alongside a gravel road and shut the car off. I was nervous, anxious and excited. He asked if he could help me arrange my underwear so I wasn't so uncomfortable. He reached over and we both ended up pulling our shorts and underwear off and sitting there touching each other. One thing led to another and we ended up in a sixty-nine position in the front seat of my car just exploring each other's bodies (rubbing our arms, chests, and legs together and feeling each other's cocks). It was HOT!

My cock is as straight as an arrow with a thick mushroom head. Brian's was not as thick as mine, but his balls hung lower than mine and his cock curved upward toward his rock hard abs. He had a nice trail from his belly button down to his pubes and the softest hair on his balls. We stayed there, massaging our cocks, not a care in the world. Before long, I noticed he started to lose some control and made some jerking motions with his hips. He shouted out he was about to cum. I continued jerking him off until he shot his love juice all over my chest and stomach. I'll never forget the look on his face as he jerked those thick ropes of cum all over me. It wasn't long before I followed his lead and shot the biggest load ever! We sat there, sweating and physically drained.

We had other encounters, but that is for another day. I sure miss those evening drives in the country!



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