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Erotic Ebony Encounter

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A true experience about an encounter with a lovely African American Woman.


I met a woman from an online add that she placed. We exchanged a few e-mails back and forth over the following week. She was African American, I'm white.

The first time she called me my heart was almost in my throat. I was at work when she called and asked her to hold on until I went out to my car. The conversation started to get quite hot. She told me that she was getting excited from talking with me. When I asked her what she was wearing, she said 'A pair of jeans.'

I suggested that she slide her zipper down and unsnap her jeans. 'Ok, I did.' She answered. 'Now slide your finger inside your panties and down into your slit.' I could hear her breathing quicken on the phone as I imagined what she was doing. 'Are you wet?' I asked her. 'Mmmm, yes I'm all wet and slippery down there. I can feel that my lips are all full.' I could hear her moaning as she rubbed herself for several minutes.

This of course was having quite an effect on me too as we spoke.

Eventually she suggested that she might want to meet. She was somewhat nervous about meeting a total stranger, so I suggested that we meet somewhere in public first. Then depending on how she felt we could take it from there.

We eventually agreed to meet at a coffee shop in the city center late one morning. As luck would have it traffic was a bear and I was running a bit late and she called me to see if I was coming. I told her that I was running late. As I drove past the coffee shop, it was apparent that there was no place to park.

She finally suggested that she come out front and look for me. I told her what type of car to look for. As I drove up to the front of the coffee shop I saw her. She was a beautiful African American woman, about 26 years old. She was around 5'10' and had her hair done up in braids.

She got in the car and put her tea cup down. I drove off. We exchanged some pleasantries and made some small talk for the first few minutes. 'So where do you want to go?' I asked her. 'Let's just drive around for a bit.' We drove around the city and I pointed out some sights to her. She was new to the area so she appreciated the 'tour'.

Finally she suggested that there was a park she had heard of that she had always wanted to see. I was unsure how to get there but we eventually found it. Fortunately the park was somewhat remotely located from the hustle and bustle of the city. Realizing this the gears in my mind started to turn. After a couple of stops to take in the views and weighing up how private the spot was we found a spot to park.

This seemed to be the moment. She was wearing a pair of black velour slacks and a button up top with a wool coat open in the front. I noticed a speck of fuzz on her leg above her knee so I reached down and picked it off. Feeling the top of her leg was electrifying. The touch did not go unnoticed by her either.

I moved my hand back to her slacks and commented how smooth they were. My hand rubbed up and down the top of her left leg. We turned and looked at each other. Her dark eyes staring at mine. I moved closer to her and kissed her full lips softly as my hand was on her thigh slowly running up and down the top of her leg gradually going higher.

As we kissed I reached my hand over and slid it under her open coat and cupped her breast. I could feel her nipple hardening under my touch. 'You know you're making me wet don't you.' She commented. 'Oh really. How do I know that for sure.' My hand slid up her leg to her crotch. She was a little concerned if someone would see us though.

'Here this should help,' I said as I covered her front with my coat.


I moved my hand down to her legs again. I ran my fingers up her inner thigh, feeling the smooth velour fabric of her slacks. My fingers reached the top and ran up and down the front of her mound. I could feel the rise of her pubic bone and the softness of her lips. She purred with approval as I stroked up and down over her slacks.

I reached over and unsnapped the top of her pants and slid her zipper down. My fingers slid down the front of her pants and over her panties. I could feel the softness of her panties covering her mound. She parted her legs for me. I moved the coat a bit and held her panties out from her and took in the view of the top of her dark chocolate skin and the start of her black curly hair.

My fingers, as if on their own, slid down inside her panties. My touch was rewarded with one of the most erotic feelings I've had. She was totally soaking wet. Sopping wet. My fingers slid up and down her slit. I settled on where I thought her clit was. I asked her if that was the right spot. 'A little lower.'

I complied and moved down feeling her erect clit under my fingers. I fingered her with her legs spread under my coat. Her eyes were closed as she was relishing the attention I was giving her pussy.

More next time.



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