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Eraser Head

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Masturbating with the Head of a Pencil


I figured out early on that I could squeeze my thighs together and kinda roll my hips to get off. It took a long time though and required a lot of concentration. I usually did this at school or while riding a bus or in a car, and I mostly was just satisfied with the fact it felt really nice. It would be a long tease until I could get some alone time to really bring myself off.

But there was this algebra class I had in high school that was so terribly boring that I could basically tune out the entire hour. Actually I didn't have much of a choice. The teacher would just drone on and on and on, and I couldn't listen to him without going to sleep. It didn't help that it was early in the morning. So I spent a lot of time fantasizing about various things and often rubbing my thighs together. I hadn't ever cum though, and one day I decided I was going to make it happen. I needed something to do.

After making this decision I'd gone for a week trying various things. I got really close sometimes, but someone would cough or sneeze or the teacher would walk by me, and it would break my concentration. The closest I got was when I figured out I could sorta squeeze and release really quickly while flexing my butt muscles. It stimulated everything and was really great, but there was still no orgasm. Finally inspiration hit. I had worn a skirt that day and had been building myself up for most of the hour. By that point I was mostly just getting anxious for the bell to ring so I could go rub one out really quickly in the bathroom like usual.

I could not tell you what made me think of it, but I just all of a sudden I noticed the pencil I was chewing. An evil thought occurred, and as inconspicuously as possible, I dropped my hand between my legs with the pencil in my fingers and slid it up inside my skirt to my panties. I didn't put it inside me. I pressed it up against my clit then squeezed my legs together hard. I let go of the pencil, the erased firmly wedged against my pussy, and just kept my legs crushed together while doing this quick, sharp muscle clenches I'd figured out earlier. It was taking me to a new level, I realized, so I decided to go for it.

I put my head down and kinda raised myself up with my forearms on the desk and just sorta bounced up and down in really short bursts on the chair. The orgasm hit me quickly and hard, and a noise came out of me that I somehow managed to turn into what seemed like a cough. I looked around and didn't see anyone noticing me, but I did learn years later the girl sitting next to me noticed and knew what I was doing. She never said anything at the time though. Throughout the year I repeated and perfected this. It made algebra much more tolerable.



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