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English Lesson

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An embarrassing moment from my school years


It was a typical school day. I walked into second period english only to find this really cute brown haired girl sitting in the desk next to where I normally sit. I took my usual place and started up a little small talk before class began. By the time the teacher finish attendance, I already had a hard on. This is normal, it usually goes away quickly. Not this time. As the class wore on, my dick got harder and harder. To the point where it began to hurt. I would occasionally give it it a squeeze and when I let go, my dick would feel better for a short while. Squeeze and release, squeeze and release. About once every minute. Did the brown hair girl see me? Did she know what I was doing? I may never know. Squeeze and release. Would this class ever end!?! Then it happened! I began to cum in my pants. 'Cream in my jeans' as we called it back then. I let out a combination of a quiver and whimper as I began to cum. Loud enough that the teacher asked if I had a question. I shook my violently in the negative. I cannot believe the brown haired girl could not smell my cum. We were practically touching shoulders. The bell rang, the teacher quickly gave us our homework assignments and I ran out of the room as quickly as I could.

I made my way down to the boys room. Damn, all the stalls were occupied. One boy offered the urinal next to him on the end. I said that I had a different problem. Then a stall opened up. I nearly bowled the boy coming out in my rush to get in. I was in such a hurry that I forgot to close the door. I just dropped my pants and pushed my briefs to down to my knees. I grabbed some tissue and started to clean myself off. That is when I heard the giggles. In my embarrassment, I slammed the stall doors closed.

I could hear some talk in the main part of the boys room. There were theories about what happened. When I opened the door, everyone fell silent. Finally Randy asked if it was true. That I came in my pants during class. I glow red with embarrassment. It was true. Randy demanded silence and secrecy. He told me he had some spare cloths in his gym locker and that we could go at lunch so that I could change. I was relieved. Just one class before lunch.

I met up with Randy in the cafeteria as we agreed. He was sitting at a table with several other boys. They were all curious about the details. Did I really cum in my pants? What are the details? Who was the object of my affection? I spoke if the cute brown haired girl in second period English and of my raging hard on and what I was doing to relieve the discomfort.

When Randy and I got up to go to the locker room, the other boys followed us. As we entered the locker room we told coach that Randy needed to give me something from his locker and the coach let us all in. Randy told me to get undressed while he started the combo on his locker. I slipped off my shoes, then pushed down my jeans stepping out of them. There I was standing in my tee and underwear and Randy says, 'your underwear, too.' I push my briefs down and stepped out of them when the reached my feet, leaving me in just my tee and socks. Before I could bend down to pick up my undies they were snatched up by the crowd. The boys were passing around my underwear. I swear some of the boys were sniffing them. I guess the noise got the attention of coach because he walked in on us. He demanded that the other boys leave and that he wanted to talk with Randy and me. At this point Randy nudged my arm, handing me a pair of white briefs. I slipped them on and sat down on the bench to put on my jeans.

'What is going on here boys', coach asked. I could not bring myself to say the words. I stumbled and stammered until Randy blurted out that I came in my pants in third period. Coach gave us 'the talk' and told me that I had a good friend in Randy. The funny thing is that I barely knew Randy and didn't even like him that much. Coach handed back my dirty undies and we all prepared to leave before the next class. As we started walking towards the door, Randy said that he wanted his underwear back. I handed him my dirty ones. 'Will this do', I asked? Before we reached the door, Randy put my undies to his face and slipped his hand down his jeans. Damn! I was so turned on by that. Randy quickly slipped my dirty underwear into his pocket as we left the locker room.

Randy had straight, longish blonde hair, blue eye, and was a little smaller than me in overall height and a lot smaller in another way. He was kinda cute in a boyish sort of way. Junior high school's being what they are, the secret was out before lunch period was over. I was the object of riddcule and jokes for a time. Then again, someone else's embarrassment would replace mine in the minds of adolescents before the week was out.



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