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Two sons of a family I've known for several years came back from college for Christmas vacation last year and when the vacation ended one of them remained home. He told me that he had his associates degree and wanted to think about what he was going to do and wanted to be focused rather than studying with no goal in mind. Needless to say he was pretty bored and started hanging out with my kids who have been friends with him for years even though my kids are a few years younger.

He was around a lot and one day I noticed that this gawky kid had turned into a six foot three muscled blonde good looking guy. I mentioned it to him and he sort of laughed and said, and I have a nine inch dick too! I laughed and said, Right! and sort of left it at that.

One day I mentioned to one of his parents that I needed to move some heavy stuff around in the barn on the weekend and they suggested I borrow their son since he was weight lifting and had some good upper body strength I could use. They knew I was an early riser so suggested he spend the night which was nothing new as all our kids have spent a lot of time at the other houses.

On Friday night he came over and the rest of my family had gone to see a movie which he had already seen and had no interest in. I made a big pot of spaghetti and we went upstairs to watch a movie on the computer which had the best screen in the house. When I took the dishes downstairs I said I would be back in a bit as I wanted to put the dishes in the dish washer. When I went back upstairs he had paused the movie and had some pretty hot porn going. I mentioned that I didn't remember this part of the movie and he just laughed and said he wanted to prove a point.

He then put his hand into his pants looking me in the eye the whole time with occasional glances at the porn. I sat down next to him and a minute or so later he stood up and dropped his pants and said here's my nine inches, get something to measure it with. I said I didn't need to I believed him, he was completely hard, totally shaved and looked pretty hot. Then he started to stroke slowly. I was already sporting a semi from the porn and figured I might as well join him not really knowing what else to do so down went the pants and we both sat there stroking for a bit watching the porn.

We both sort of looked at each other and with our eyes locked and not saying a word at the exact same time we reached for each others dicks and started on each other. So here we were in a situation I would not have imagined at all with me late 40's and a buff, blonde 20 year old guy stroking my dick. I told him to lean back and relax and I would take care of him and a few minutes later he shivered a couple of times and came, nothing huge but just average. He told me he had jacked off to porn about five times the day before so there wasn't much there but usually he would shoot at least up to his neck.

Then he went to work on me. A couple of minutes later I blew a pretty big load with me thinking that I had been about 16 when something like this had happened before and how strange the situation was. We cleaned each other up and went back to our movie with him talking a bit about how glad he was he had someone he could relax around and things like that.

After the movie he went to sleep and the next day we did the heavy work and he was a big help. He asked me if I now believed that he had nine inches and I said I did and he told me he usually really did cum a lot more and I told him I believed him, watch for part two!!



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