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Emma's Panties

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Sniffing a pair of soiled or worn panties for the first time... I was hooked from that day on...


The first pair of panties I sniffed were my cousins panties, she was about 14 at the time and is called Emma. What made me sniff Emma's panties, I don't really know. Maybe the fact that I was a sexed up teenager, and I had seen her pussy before.

I was at her house one day when I noticed a pair of jeans hanging out of the wash basket, which was just outside the bathroom door. I opened the basket and had a look, it must have been for a pair of her panties I suppose, well that's what I found, Emma's soiled panties. There was a pair still in the top of her jeans that were hanging out of the wash basket, I pulled them out and went into the bathroom. The panties were the full brief type, white with tiny little holes covering the whole of her panties, except the gusset which was cotton. I opened the panties up and had a look at the gusset, there was a lot of yellow stains on her panties. Just playing with her panties had got me hard so I got out my cock and began to wank myself just looking at Emma's dirty panties.

As I looked closer at the stains in her panties I noticed that it was more like a cream that was covering her gusset, and ran in lines along the length of her gusset, with a larger patch just in front, which was the bit I decided I was going to have a sniff at. I brought the gusset of Emma's panties up to my nose and sniffed right in the middle of that stain that her virgin pussy had left. I will never forget that first sniff. I don't know why but I expected them just to smell of urine or smell fishy, but it was neither, it was just the smell of sex, or of pussy, I suppose it was both really. It was what Emma's pussy must smell like, just the same as actually sniffing at Emma's virginal pussy, her panties just smelt so nice.

After only a couple of minutes of sniffing Emma's panties and wanking I came. Different parts of the gusset smelt stronger than others, but it was obvious to see the bit that been against her pussy lips, each stain running from her vagina to her clitoris. I did not want to stop sniffing the panties as they smelt so good. But I did not want to stay in the bathroom for too long, so I went out and the coast was clear so I put the panties back in the basket, I could not wait for my next chance to get my nose into Emma's panties.

I got to sniff and play with Emma's panties many times over the next few years, I must have sniffed every pair she had several times. Including some that have just been removed and were still warm and a little damp. She used to have some lovely sexy panties but still used to make them smell so good. I used to love the way her discharge was white in her black panties but looks yellow in her white ones. I even wet the gusset of her panties a few times so I could taste the juices from her pussy, I used to suck the gussets clean. I did take a few pairs of her panties home with me so I could sniff them at my leisure. It was good fun sniffing Emma's panties as she went through puberty and as she turned into a woman.



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