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Edging Lessons

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My second visit to the adult theater came just a week after my first. I slipped into the theater where the man who I had met the previous time immediately recognized me. He sat next to me and asked if I had enjoyed myself the week earlier and I agreed. We chatted in hushed tones for a half hour during which time neither of us was touching ourselves since we were in plain view of several other men. I excused myself and said that I had to pee but as I left he followed me.

The men's room had two urinals and before I had taken my penis out of my pants he was standing next to me. As soon as I took myself out he gripped it squeezed the head firmly and whispered that he was going to teach me how to edge. I had never heard the term before.

I was quite hard and the imprint of his fingers on the head of my penis was exciting. It also momentarily relieved my need to pee. He slipped my penis back in my pants, zipped me up and told me to follow him. On the way back to the movie room he stopped and bought us two large cokes.

'Come this way' he insisted and we headed for the third from the front row. As soon as I sat down I had to pee again and told him so but he told me to get it out once more. This time he took his penis out as well and he was also very hard. 'Drink some coke,' he insisted and I did. As I drank he literally drained his drink leaving nothing in the paper cup but ice.

'God I have to go real bad,' I complained. In answer to my pain he reached over and squeezed the head of my penis again. As he did I began to have the confused but delicious sensation of not knowing if I needed to pee or to cum. 'Watch what I do' he insisted, slowly manipulating his penis with two fingers. I followed his lead. 'Go slow' he admonished. 'And when you just can't take it any more,' pee just a little into the cup. As he instructed me he tilted his body up and his penis down and shot a few jets of urine into the paper cup. 'Just let a little out and then start playing with yourself again,' he told me.

We sat there for more than a half hour and it was exstacy and pain combined. Jacking off slowly followed by peeing into the cups that we were holding. After a while he told me that I should let half my pee go and he demonstrated, more than filling his paper cup. I tried to follow his lead but I couldn't stop and pee overflowed.

With the pressure of the pee relieved, my erection softened just a little. He reached over and took my penis in his hands and started rubbing me. Slowly and in a way that I was not used to he rolled his fingers around as he traced the length of my shaft. I lasted quite a long time and then the blood returned to my penis. The head tuned almost purple from the pressure and suddenly I shot a huge load, splattering cum on the back of the chair in front of me.

'Good job,' he complimented me as he went to work on his own rigid tool. He jerked away for a few seconds and then added his own contribution to the chair in front of us, splattering cum all over himself as he released.

'Almost an hour,' he commented. 'Last week you only lasted a few minutes.'



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