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Eastbourne Pool

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There is a swimming pool in Eastbourne (UK) that has a wave machine in it. It also has a diving training pool and a competition pool as well as the fun pool. Its a bit run down now and they are trying to refurbish it, but I don't know if its gonna work out.


The fun pool is usualy full of families and teenagers. There is a bubble bath that works (sometimes) and you can get quite a nice thrill if you get over one of the jets. There is also the wave machine that is pretty violent if you are in the wrong place. There is also a water slide that is enclosed form top to bottom. Thats where my story begins.

A friend told me that she likes to slip her bikini bottoms down as she goes down the slide and pull them up quickly before she pops out of the bottom and I thought I would try it. Apart from feeling really naughty sliding down there on my bare ass, the water, which feels quite cold, actually went up my pussy. When I stood up after I got out, I could feel it running into my bikini bottoms and it felt like I was peeing myself. I did this a couple of times and then decided it was time for the bubble bath.

I had just got settled nicely over a jet and had pulled my costume to one side when a girl I knew from school got in and sat next to me. I was pretty aroused after the slide and decided that a she couldn't see anything, I would keep my costume to one side and let the water jet do its job. Alison is known for being a really high flyer. It's likely she will go to Oxford or Cambridge she is that brainy. Anyway, she just started talking to me about school and then, right out of the blue said 'Have you cum yet?' I couldnt answer her so she said, 'I've been watching you using the slide. Each time you came down it you were redder and redder across your chest and neck. I know you've been doing the panty thing. I do it too.' Again, I must have looked like a real dumbass. Here was this girl who we knew had never had a boyfriend talking about getting turned on in a public place. Again she asked. 'So, have you cum yet?' I told her that I hadn,t, but that I was pretty turned on. Alison laughed and said that for her, the best part of the slide is feeling the cold water run out afterwards. 'It's like I'm pissing my panties'. I told her it was my first time feeling it, but that I liked it a lot. Alison asked me if I have ever wet myself on purpose but I told her I hadn't. She said I should try it sometime. Then she said that she needed to masturbate and was going into one of the changing stalls. She didn't offer me to come with her or anything, but I just got out and followed her.

Inside, she just took off her bikini bottoms and she had chosen the stall well, as it was right under a heater and in no time, our bodies were dry. Then she said, 'I like to start by peeing. Hope your no grossed out.' In fact, I asked if I could watch. I knelt on the floor and Alison leaned gently back against the wall and spread her legs, putting one foot on the little bench in there. I held her ass with my face about two inches from her crotch. Then I saw a little trickle start. The scent of her pee and her arousal were so strong. Alison was breathing really slowly and deeply and muttering little dirty things. 'ohh shit, mmmmm, yes, Oh Anna.' Then, I'm sure I heard her say 'lick me.' For some reason, I was highly turned on by the thought and I kissed her bikini bottoms. Then I wanted to pee too and Alison put one of her legs between mine and I let go. Then we were kissing. I told her I had never done anything with another girl before and she just giggled. It turns out that the school swot is also the school slut. She said that she has had sex with boys and girls and loves doing it in the siwmming pool changing rooms. She slipped her hand into my bikini bottoms and started to finger me. She pulled her hand away from time to time to lick her fingers. All the time she talked dirty to me. 'Anna you little slut. You'r so wet. I can taste your piss and your cunt juices. Go on, cum on my hand.' At one point she pushed a couple of fingers inside me and it hurt like fuck. She pulled them away and there was blood. 'Hmmm Anna, your not a virgin any more.' Then, she licked that too. I was so hungry for her. She finger fucked me to at least three huge orgasms. Then I got to return the favour and I fingered my first ever girl. She liked it best with two fingers from one hand in her pussy and a finger from the other hand in her asshole. I actually licked her clitty too. I dont know if this makes me a lesbian, because I still want a cock in me really soon. But I dont know if I could do with a boy some of the things I did with Alison that afternoon.

When we got back into the pool the water felt really refreshing and cooling. When it was time to go home we changed together and had a bit more fun that ended up with, at Alisons's suggestion, us wearing each others dirty panties home. It felt strange having another girls panties on, particularly a pair that she had worn all day. From time to time on the bus, I could smell her scent and knowing that her pussy juices where tight up against me was really horny.

When I got home, I phoned her and we had phone sex together. It was really hot. It turns out that Alison has a boyfriend from another school. She said that maybe we would have a threesome if I wanted.

Silly question!



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