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East Shore

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I live in Galway but on spring break the past few years I take the ferry with my brother over to London and then we take a train to Edinburgh from there we hike up to the North East shore of Scotland. We did this for two years but this year he broke his leg.

So my mom said that my cousin from Tampa would be coming in. I'd never met him but knew he was my age. So I met him at an airstrip with my friend Liam whose 14. We saw him touch down and here comes the American with another American. I didn't know what to say and I'm shy enough as it is so I shook his hand 'Hey me names Matt this here's Liam. Who's the other Yank?'

'I'm Ronny and this is Joe, from Tampa.'

We went off in an awkward silence as we walked a few miles for the ferry. When we hopped aboard with all our gear and a tent we finally started to talk. Liam and I were a lot like these two, we all went to Catholic school and his father was a policeman like mine and Liam's dad. We talked the whole way about sports and we had a good laugh about football and rugby.

We reached Edinburgh a day and a half after we reached England. They don't like the rain very much and they had jackets on while I walked barefoot with only shorts and a t-shirt. After walking well past Edinburgh we turned east and walked towards the secret beach my brother knew about. But we wound up spending the night out in a field under a clear sky. It was beautiful without any light or noise and the stars were bright. We started to talk about girls; we all like the pale looking lasses with blonde or red hair. I have red hair (skinny too) and so does Ronny he looks almost exactly like me. Liam who was the youngest of us was a slimmer than me and is has light brown and blonde hair Joe's was completely black.

At this point Liam was fidgeting with the five inch uncut boner in his jeans. He and I like I said are both shy so he ran off behind a rock to go wank himself. I've done it with him before but it felt weird with my cousin and his friend so I just waited for him to come back. He had nervous grin on his face but none of us said anything about it.

We got up the next day and were at the deserted beach in no time. Me and Liam are strong swimmers and so were the Yankees (just kidding no offense) so we weren't worried about the sea. Well we had our camp and a few days worth of food and water purchased so we just stripped down to our boxers (of all the things to forget swimsuits!) and jumped in. I was cold and the surf was rough. Liam found that out when a wave clobbered him ripping his boxers off leaving him naked and knowing him halfway scared to death.

He was too shocked to cover up his cock and balls and Ronny stared in amazement. 'You're uncut?'

'Isn't everybody?' Liam said with a few tears of embarrassment in his eyes. Liam's jaw dropped as the American's threw off their boxers and revealed their flaccid cut cocks.

'You're cut?!' I asked in amazement

'Isn't everybody!' Joe laughed back. We never knew that across the pond they got cut. So we all nearly fell over laughing at each other. Now none of us are gay (to my knowledge anyway, not that I hold anything against gays) but after we had been in the water swimming and wrestling for a while we were all rock hard! So we all ran onto the beach and sat next to each other. Ronny and I sat down next to each other and Liam (who was still very nervous) sat next to Joe who is seventeen.

Ronny pulled back my foreskin and I told him not to touch my head too roughly because it is very sensitive. We ran each others fingers through each others red pubic hair. I saw that Liam had calmed down enough and that Joe was rubbing Liam's cock. I could also see that Liam was touching Joe's gigantic seven inch penis! My willy is about half an inch longer than Ronny's who is six inches but I felt up and down his shaft. I moaned as he rubbed my shaft and he was breathing heavy. I saw that Liam was finally starting to calm down and relax and he was moaning in pleasure as Joe (who was much more developed and hairy) rubbed his narrow five inch cock and Joe groaned in delight as his huge cut penis was rubbed by Liam. Liam pre came a little bit but then I saw his back arch and he lifted his butt off the sand while he came on Joe's hand with a high pitch yelp. I came next but used my cum to lube up my cousin's cock. Joe came but his cum landed on Liam who smirked and giggled rubbing it into his blond pubes and his hairless chest. I rubbed Ronny who yelled a little bit as he came. I don't have chest hair either so I know how that feels to have cum right on your skin it feels great.

After we were done we swam for a little bit more and then crawled back to our tent naked and masturbated more. We all had several more orgasms by the end of the night. It was a great trip and we jacked off every night on the way back. They promised to make the trip next year to and I will post that trip as well.



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