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Early Years

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I have in the past sent two contributions the first regarding mutual masturbation with a very happy older lady and the more recent one regarding my long history of masturbation. The later raised a comment from 'Mat' who suggested I write some more about my history.
I think that my first real memory regarding masturbation must have occurred when I was about seven years of age remember that was in the early 50s and the morality of the times was not of this era. Perhaps my early sex education would raise a few eyebrows even in this day and age.
I was brought up in a family home that was loving and caring the house hold consisted of mother my father who was quite a bit older, he was a widower who married a young second wife,and a sister and brother from my fathers first marriage who were very near in age to my mother.I also had a sister three years younger than me.
My mother taught my sister and me the facts of life one day when I was about 7or8 years and she was giving my sister a bath and I was watching. I can remember even then being interested in the female genitalia and watching intently as my sister dried herself following her bath. Whether my mother had planned what she did or it was spontaneous I have never worked out.
She was obviously aware of me watching and looking at my sisters body and started to tell us what the different parts were for and explaining that these parts could give pleasure to the owner. She pointed out my sisters clitoris to me and told me that if it was stroked it would get hard just like my penis.
In those days short trousers were the order of the day and even at that age I had perfected the art of playing with myself up the leg of these. She went on to tell us that it was alright to do this but we must only do it at home not let our father see us and not tell any one else.
She went on to explain the reason penis's got hard and encouraged me to put my hand up my trousers and play with myself and when it was hard to show her and my sister this I remember doing quite vividly.
She didn't encourage us to touch each other but looking back I now realise she must have realised that that was bound to happen. I dont know if she ever gave any more lessons to my sister but I was given further lessons by both my mother and my elder sister for at least a further twelve months.
Looking back I realise that my mother very rarely wore knickers just a girdle and bra and many times I was allowed to watch her put these items on. I was allowed to feel her nipples which always seemed erect and allowed to look into her bush as she parted her hair and showed me her clitoris.
I also remember her sitting back in an easy chair with her clothes up masturbating as I sat at her feet and watched.
Whether she and my older sister compared notes or not I don't know but I was allowed similar liberties with my older sister with whom I shared a bed room. She as an aid to get me off to sleep used to play with my penis while I played with her pubic area.
So thats how I started on a life of masturbation that has lasted and given enjoyment for nearly 50 years.



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